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Post Pregnancy Belt : Is It Worth To Wear Post Pregnancy Girdle After Delivery

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post pregnancy belt lose belly fat

There is nothing on earth that can beat the joy of becoming a mother. It is the most blissful experience that a woman has and must have at least once in her life. The other side of the story is a bit different; here I am talking about the post pregnancy weight battles of a woman. It’s a fact that you will never feel the same about yourself once you deliver a baby. Everything changes, be it the world around you, your looks or your body, itself. When a woman advances in her pregnancy, the uterus starts expanding. This is to provide enough room for the baby to accommodate. But does it go back to its pre pregnancy state once the baby comes out. Unfortunately the answer to this question is NO, and that is why the need to wear post pregnancy belts and girdles after delivery.

post pregnancy belly wrap

 Tying the Tummy

The body requires time to overcome the changes it has gone through during the pregnancy, and so is the case with the belly too.  The jelly belly tummy is often a reason behind the jokes cracked on a new mommy. Questions like “is there another baby inside” are very common, all thanks to the sagging tummy that still makes you look like seven months pregnant.

Post Partum tummy wrapping, belly binding or tummy binding is a conventional practice followed in India and in several other countries too. In a conventional Indian approach the tummy is tied with a cotton Sari or cloth after delivery this is called the ‘Cloth Binding Technique’. It is believed to provide support to the womb and also help the post pregnancy belly to restore to its normal state.

However there is very less scientific evidence to back this theory, still use of post pregnancy belly wraps are gaining a lot of popularity in current times.

 The Modern  Post Pregnancy belts

The conventional cloth or sari used for tummy binding has now evolved into sophisticated Post Partum Belly Bands, wraps or belts. They are now

  • Made with breathable material and thus they do not cause or cause less skin irritation.
  • Made with soft fabric which are usually stretchable thus providing proper fit
  • Supported with stays that prevent the belt from rolling over
  • They usually have a Velcro closure system which helps in adjusting the belt very easily and comfortably

 What Does a Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Do?

Tummy binders are believed to help the flabby abdominal muscles to contract and get back in shape. They are also believed to get rid of the fat that has accumulated around the abdominal walls, thus helping the new mommy attain her pre pregnancy shape.

Are Post Partum Belts Comfortable to Wear

If the tummy is tied too tight with the belt you are sure to experience discomfort. Many women complain of irritated skin after prolonged use of cloth binders.

The recent developments in the post pregnancy belts have given it a whole new face. The modern post partum belts are far more comfortable and easy to wear and remove. They are now available in different sizes and are made with avid materials.

Popular Post Delivery Wrap In India

Wonder Care-Abdominal Binder Tummy Trimmer Post pregnancy Waist Support belt
Mee Mee – Post-Natal Maternity Support Corset Belt
Tynor Abdominal Support
Flamingo Abdominal Binder
Vissco Abdominal Belts


Things To keep in Mind While Using A Tummy Binder

  • Do not tie it too tight
  • Always consult your doctor before you start wearing a post partum belt as they are the ones who know your scenario the best
  • Be liberal on budget. Buying a low quality and cheap belt will only result in hurting and irritating the skin. Some good brands offer very good quality that is both comfortable and effective.

Other Ways To Reduce the Tummy After delivery

A healthy diet and good exercise regime will help your lose those extra pounds you have gained during your pregnancy. Diet, Exercise and Yoga are the three best ways to help the body recover from both normal and C-section delivery.



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