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Drink Ginger Water To Relieve Stomach Gas and Bloating

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Ginger is a superfood for boosting gut health. Drinking ginger water can be helpful for stomach in more than ways. It helps in reducing bloating, cramping, and relieving stomach gas. If you are dealing with an upset stomach, you grate  fresh ginger in water and boil it. You can also a little crushed or ground ginger to some hot water and steep it.

Stomach gas is one problem that everyone suffers time and again. A healthy gut is the key to your overall health. Onset of gas related problems can make you feel lost. It can be accompanied with bloating, stomach pain and extreme discomfort. Where there are many Ayurvedic and Home remedies for gas, there are some good herbal products too that can help you get instant relief from gas problem. But there is one remedy that can be done at home without worrying for too many ingredients nor time. It is this simple yet beneficial Ginger, drink ginger water or call it ginger tea to relieve gas instantly.

It is true that drinking ginger water will not treat your problem completely but its also true that it will certainly provide you relief from gas and help you expel that trapped air.

There are many gas trouble remedies for gas trouble using Ginger but this one is the simplest of all.

GINGER WATER FOR stomach gas and bloating

How to Make Ginger Tea For Relieving Gas and Bloating

1. Take fresh Ginger root and wash it clean

2. Remove the skin with the help of a peeler

3. Grate the Ginger root

4. Take 1 cup of water and bring to boil

5. Add 1/2 tsp of grated ginger and let it simmer.

6. Once you see that the Ginger juice is infused in the water remove it from heat. The color of water will acquire a yellowish tint when the Ginger water is ready to drink.

  • Drink this ginger water like tea whenever you have gas problem and bloated stomach. It will work immediately and give you relief from gas instantly.
  • This Ginger water / tea should be prepared fresh each time.
  • Instead of crushing or grinding, you must grate the ginger to get palatable flavor.

Among various health benefits of ginger, gas relief is also counted as it works within few minutes and you get eased out. It may not cure the flatulence problem permanently, but drinking ginger water once in a day will surely help you in keeping stomach problems like gas, bloating and acidity at bay.

Some benefits of Ginger

It stimulates digestive juices thus aiding in digestion.

It has muscle relaxant properties that helps in expelling trapped gases.

It supports in emptying the stomach, thus keeping the system intact.

Precautions While Using Ginger Remedy

Like any other home remedy, this remedy should also be done after consulting a professional / physician

Higher concentration of Ginger can cause burning sensation in the mouth as well as in the stomach. The key here is to keep the Ginger water mild.



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