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Delicious Yellow Fried Rice Recipe With Leftover Rice | Lemon Turmeric Rice

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yellow fried rice leftover rice recipes

We do not want to waste food, none of us want that but what to do with the leftover rice from last night’s dinner. Yes you can reheat and eat it the next day but wait, why not recreate something exotic with that same leftover rice.

I love to cook, with so much of cooking done in my kitchen there is always some leftovers from previous meals. So what do I do with it, well I transfom them, give them a makeover and serve it to my family. believe me it works, we really savour the dishes created out of the leftovers. Being compulsive rice eaters (did I make sense there) Rice is one thing that is always there in our fridge, and thus I get to try my hands on them and make something delicious out of the leftover rice.

Today I am sharing the recipe for making yellow rice, now its not compulsary to use leftover rice for this dish you can use boiled rice just in case you want to relish on this and you do not have a bowl of leftover rice sitting in your fridge. This is quite a vibrant dish to look at, although the flavors are quite subtle you can always jazz it up by incresing the heat of the dish, add an extra dash of green chillies and you are done. This is basically a fried rice, the tempering is  south-Indian-ish (you got it right) as we use mustard seeds and curry leaves

The Recipe For Making Yellow Fried Rice With Leftover Rice

The Ingredients:

Leftover Rice (cooked white rice) 1 bowl

Oil 3 tbsp

Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp

Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp

Curry Leaves 6-7 leaves/1 sprig

Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp

Lemon fresh few drops

Green Chillies 3 nos.

Fresh Corriander / Cilantro

Salt to taste


Heat Oil in a Wok / Kadhai

Add Mustard Seeds and cumin Seeds

When they splutter, add chopped green chillies and fry

Now add Curry Leaves, once the curry leaves appear somewhat crisp add turmeric.

Now finally add the Rice and Salt

Fry the rice till each grain is separated, when the Rice attains a uniform color and each grain is coated with the oil, add chopped corriander, now allow the rice to fry  nicely, stirring occasionally. Just be careful with the heat, if the wok becomes too hot the rice wont fry well and will start sticking to the bottom of the wok. Very low flame will make the rice mushy, so maintaing right temperature is a must while making any stir fried rice dish. I usually keep the flame medium-high.

Once your rice is fried, turn off the heat, at this point you add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, this will lift up the flavours.

Your stir fried Yellow Rice is ready to be served.  French fries or plain salted potato wafers makes a very good accompaniment for this dish. You can also serve this with some pickles.

So that’s it for this recipe, I wish it  comes out good for you too, and if it does, do come back and share your experince in the comment section.

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