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Lumbo Sacral Back Support Belts In India | Things You Must Know Before Buying

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Back Support Belts are used to provide reinforcement to the weakened / injured back muscles caused due to any injury, disorder or ageing. In India you can buy a Lumbar Belt or a back Support Belt from the Medical Stores, These belts can be ordered online also, but before you  buy a back support belt you need to be aware of a few very important things, so keep on reading to learn how to buy the right back support belt.

When To Buy / wear A Lumbar support Belt

Wearing a lumbar belt becomes very important when you have a terribly unbearable pain in your lower back due to conditions like Lumbosacral Spondylodis, injuries to back muscles or spine etc.,  that restricts you from doing your daily activities. While some are more privileged and can afford the bed rest prescribed by the doctor others just can’t stop their jobs, for such people the best idea to support their back muscles and spine is to wear  the most appropriate Lumbar Support Belt.

Now you must be wondering what does  “the most appropriate belt” mean,  let me explain you, Back Support belts come in various varieties, they differ in material, design, size, and coverage.  Try to purchase a belt that fits you and your need to wear it for eg: if you have pain in your back but you do not do activities that require continuous exercising of your back muscle then you don’t actually need a Heavy Duty Back Support Belt, and remember it should not be uncomfortable in any way be it ergonomically or in terms of skin friendliness.  Back Support belts vary in coverage for eg. Lumbar Belt : suitable for pain in the lumbar region i.e the the lower part of the back, Lumbosacral  belt :  Provides support to the lumbar as well as the sacral region, sacrum being the bone below the lumbar vertebrae.

Things To Consider While Buying A Back Support Belt (Lumbo-Sacral)

Size: Always check the size chart on the packaging before buying a belt. It should be suitable for your waist size, a back support belt that is too loose is of no use as it won’t provide any support or reinforcement to the injured / weakened painful back, too tight will make the condition worse.

Material: Material of which the belt is primarily constructed of matters a lot, some belts have back panels made up of coated fabric such belts work fine in cold weather but in summers it may cause irritation to the skin. Belts made with breathable Elastic are more suitable for Indian Climate.

Design : Lumbar belts come in various designs, they vary in the pattern of back panels and side panels. Some have contoured back panels, some have straight. Some belts have a double pull feature on the side straps and some don’t. The best person to decide what type of belt you should wear is your doctor, he can suggest you which belt you should wear and for how long. If you find it difficult to get yourself the best suited back support belt for yourself, you can go to an Orthotist, who is a professional that specializes in making these products.

Features:  Some most common features that you must look for in a back support belt are listed below:

  • Comfort while wearing
  • Anatomic design that fits well
  • Easy application and closure system, most comfortable is hook and loop closure.
  • Must provide good support to the back.

Guidelines For Using A Back Support Belt

  • Do not overuse your back support belt ,use as directed by your doctor. Tighten the belt only when you are doing strenuous activities.
  • Wearing a Back Belt will not make you Superman so never try to do heavy weight-lifting or strenuous activities that you are advised to avoid.
  • Comfortable fit is of prime priority, check the size and features of belt before purchasing it.
  • If you are advised to take Physiotherapy, continue it. Wearing a back belt does not mean that you should stop the treatments you are undergoing to eliminate the cause of your back pain


What Are Some Good Brands of LumboSacral Belts Available in India

I have also compiled a list specifically for Lumbosacral Belts in india you can check it here.

Affordable Lumbar Belts In India

If you are looking to buy a lumbar support in affordable range, these three brands will give you the best buy. They are the leaders in Orthopedic Soft goods in Indian market and are indigenous manufacturers. Market is flooding with one time opportunist brands who import the products in bulk, sell their goods with attractive brand names and then vanish, I dont say that such brands do not offer good products at all, but if you are looking to buy from an established Indian manufacturer who has been there and doing it for decades then go for these brands

  1. Schneider Orthopaedic : This brand’s Back Support Belt is very good quality in terms os design and the material used. The price is definitely worth for the quality of belt you get. Buy Schneider Orthopedic Lumbosacral Corset Padded Belt
  2. Vissco This is probably one of the first brands that actually introduced India to the products like lumbar supports and knee braces with their elaborate range of Orthopedic Soft Goods they have been the Bestsellers for years now. Buy Vissco Lumbar Supports
  3. Flamingo : Flamingo’s claim to fame was their heat belt, the brand became synonymous to heat belts in India. They are now into manufacturing a wide range of orthopedic belts, their products are good in quality and are affodable. Buy Flamingo Back Support Belts
  4. Tynor Orthotics : They have carved a niche for themselves, Tynor Orthotics broke the monotony of Beige color and introduced Belts and Braces in fresh Grey color with a designer look. Their products are very effective, high  in quality and aesthetically appealing. Buy Tynor Lumbar Belt

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Some Luxe Brands

  1. LP : If you can stretch your budget you must go for this brand, their products stands in the international level when it comes to the quality of the products. LP tries to bring in products that are superior in quality and effectiveness. Buy LP Bestseller Back Support Belt
  2. Oppo : Relatively new in Indian market, Oppo has gained a lot of attention in recent years. They have a strong market presence across the Globe. Buy Oppo Lumbar Belts

Buying Lumbar Belts and back support belts can be a bit confusing and without proper knowledge you may end up buying something that is not at all fit for you. I hope this article helps you in choosing the best back support belt for you.



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