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Fat Freezing CoolSculpting To Reduce Tummy Fat At VLCC Center

Fat Freezing COOLSCULPTING To Reduce Tummy Fat At VLCC Center

Are you still struggling to get rid of bulges and love handles on your tummy, back, thighs, double chins and back? Endless starvations and long exercise routines… but still the fat stay as it is. Some of us have possibly tried every method, but nothing seems to be working out.

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Since last few years CoolSculpting has taken the slimming world by storm. The reason could be, it is cheaper than liposuction and do not cause pain during procedure. These days Coolsculpting is making lot of appearances in media, so I thought to do a round of this non-invasive therapy.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a cooling therapy which uses ultra low temperature for targeting and eliminating fat cells from the body by crystallizing them. Macrophages, is a special white blood cells which digests and consumes these frozen fat cells, resulting in permanent fat reduction from the targeted areas. This therapy doesn’t require any surgery, anesthesia or downtime.

No planks…No sit-ups…

You will be able to achieve evident result in mere weeks.

This therapy is FDA approved and doesn’t contribute to any side effects. As the name suggest CoolSculpting is a process which literally allows you to sculpt your own body through a cooling technology. It literally freezes the fat cells resulting in their death, but no damage is done to the body. These dead cells then leave the body in the form of stool and urine.

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There are lots of CoolSculpting facilitators available in Indian market. But it is imperative that facilitator must have FDA approved machine and the procedure is done by experts only.

In India we have one such wellness chain – VLCC who offers FDA approved CoolSculpting procedure. The consultation and treatment of CoolSculpting are done by only qualified experts.

Though the procedure does not pain at all; but if it is done under the supervision of experts like VLCC, the little uncomfortable ticklishness can be avoided.

You will find lot of fat freezing versions with a claim to give 100% result but beware of ‘imitation fat freezing machines’ out there. So, don’t risk your health to save few bucks.

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No doubt VLCC is trusted and reliable brand and it is what they are offering to their customers.

Why it is worthwhile to get CoolSculpting done at VLCC?

Even you do exercise or diet the fat cell present in your body would just get smaller but will stay there. So even if you lose weight the amount of fat cell will decrease but their number remains the same. It has been clinically tested to reduce 20-25% of fat on the treated area.

The staff takes care of the hygiene factor and put the giant suction machine against the targeted area considering the comfort and convenience of the client.

When you visit the VLCC center for a CoolSculpting session, you will be charged session wise. So, the good part is that the number of sessions is all result dependent.

Within two weeks, you will see a desired transformation. You will be able to get weight reduction without committing to any diet or exercise or going under the knife.

If you are looking for a safe and cost effective CoolSculpting, VLCC wellness center can be an option.


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