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Diet Tips To Manage Constipation | Natural Remedies For Constipation

Basic Tips About Constipation Remedies

As digestive problems go, constipation is one of the most common complaints in North America today. Today, more than ever, there is a huge demand for safe and effective constipation remedies. A great deal of constipation can be attributed to the abundance of fast food and processed foods available in supermarkets.

Depending on the individual it is normal to have more than one bowel movement a day or even as few as 3 a week. However, if your stool is hard and dry and you pass it less than three times a week you are in need of one of the many constipation remedies available. Irregular bowel movements might also cause you to feel discomfort and slightly bloated and you will probably be straining in the course of bowel movements.

Despite the fact that constipation may affect anybody, it’s a lot more frequent in females as well as in individuals in their 60′s. In addition, it is likely to happen while being pregnant, following giving birth or surgical procedures, with specific drugs for example: pain killers, along with some other various health concerns. Under these conditions do not take any constipation remedies without first consulting your family physician.

Fiber From Natural Sources

An eating plan lacking in soluble fiber may possibly be involved in bowel irregularity. Insoluble dietary fiber, which moves through the system practically unaffected, provides stools volume and a smooth texture and consistency, causing them to be much easier to pass.

Natural foods that happen to be an excellent source of insoluble dietary fiber consist of whole grain products, fresh fruits and veggies. Consider adding whole wheat bran and breads made from the whole grain to your daily diet. Brown rice is also a great source of natural fiber and one of the healthier constipation remedies.

Soluble dietary fiber melts in water and turns into a gel within the intestinal tract. Constipation remedies can be found in dried fruits such as figs, apricots or prunes. These can be added to the lunch bag and make excellent snacks.

Psyllium Husks and Flax Seed

As constipation remedies go, there is nothing as easy as adding a couple of spoonfuls of flax seeds to your meal. Psyllium is also another effective plant source home remedy as the husk is an insoluble fiber and can be found in over the counter remedies like Metamucil.

Too much too soon can lead to excessive gas and internal discomfort so use moderate amounts initially until your body adjusts for optimal constipation relief. If you don’t drink enough water while taking these constipation remedies you may find your condition may worsen.

Avoid Food That Causes Constipation

Stay away from fried foods that are usually high in saturated fat. Fat slows down the time food travels through the intestines.

Avoid foods that form mucus, which are also notorious for slowing the transit time of waste matter. Foods that increase the production of mucus include fried and processed foods, all dairy products, chocolate, and refined flours.

Abstain from caffeine and alcohol, because they’re hard on the digestive system and are also dehydrating. If you’re experiencing constipation, avoid them entirely. However, when you become regular again, then you can incorporate them back, but slowly.

Diet Tips For Constipation Relief

For feeling fresh, Healthy and focused all the systems in the body must function properly, the co-ordination among the systems is also great importance. Proper functioning of  digestive system and excretory system ensures the digestion of food, absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins from the body this leaves you feeling fresh, light, energized and focused.

  • Taking Lemon juice in warm water will help in stimulating bowel movements
  • Fruits Like Papaya and Orange are good for easing bowel movements
  • Prefer to eat the fruit in natural form rather than juicing it
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eating Prunes is the old school remedy that really works in relieving constipation, it is rich in fibre content and it also has properties of a mild natural laxative
  • Eat in regular intervals and chew food properly, healthy eating habits certainly help in better functioning of digestive system.
  • Avoid eating deep fried food
  • Eat high fiber food and three balanced meals everyday
  • Avoid eating highly refined food like cakes and biscuits
  • Include Lentils and Legumes in your diet

Try home remedies for constipation like Garlic, flax seed oil and Aloe Vera Juice

Bottom Line

Eating a balanced meal in proper routine and maintaining a physically active lifestyle will help in improving overall digestive health. Adding good amount of fiber to daily diet and avoiding frequent binging in highly refined food and deep fried junk food are some healthy eating habits that will maintain proper functioning of the digestive system




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