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Most Affordable Beauty Subscription Box : GlamEgo Box India Review

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Hello everyone, recently I was introduced to a very new concept, the concept of ‘Beauty Subscription Boxes’. As I was just scrolling through the YouTube app I stumbled upon a lot of reviews and unboxing of subscription boxes. I came across one such subscription box which is touted to be the most affordable subscription box in India. It started with a price range of Rs.199.00 for a month and now it sells for Rs. 399 rupees per month which is still quite economic.  The name of this wonderful beauty box is Glamego Box.

It is basically  a beauty subscription box  which is delivered every month (depending on your subscription plan). It is a cardboard  which is filled with some lovely products, discount vouchers and flyers. The products are very well curated and the shades will be according your preference. You are asked your basic beauty profile while you create an account in Glamego website

What is a Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

A beauty subscription box is a box that you subscribe for, by paying online to the company (on their website) that you are subscribing to, and then you receive a package  every  month.

The package usually contains sample sized products but many times if you get lucky  you will get some full sized products as well.


glamego box wrevie

Glam Ego is definitely the most affordable subscription box and it is very good in terms of the value it provides for the money you pay. You will always get atleast one regular sized product in each package (not compulsory but my observation), so its not about just small samples.

Why You Should Subscribe For a Glamego Box

It is not just about the money part, of course it is the most affordable beauty subscription box currently available in India and is selling like hot cakes, but there are many other reasons also that place it in the list of top notch subscription boxes you get in India at this point of time.

Highlights of Glamego Box

It Has A Theme :  It always has a theme and the products that will be included will be in accordance with the theme for that specific month,  for example if the theme is natural ingredients then you will get goodies that are natural herbal  in nature.

It is the cheapest beauty subscription box in India. It started with a nominal amount of Rupees 199.00 for a month, and now and has increased to Rupees 399.00 for a month. You can  get it for rupees 299 if you subscribe for 6 months.

You do get Full sized products in a Glamego Box. It is not always sample size products that you will get, many a times you get good deluxe size products as well;  like for the month of August I got a very good bio Bloom hair cleanser which I can easily use for about 10 to 12 applications.

What Do You Get in a Glamego Box

In spite of the fact that Glamego is the cheapest monthly subscription box , it offers products from luxury beauty brands in the package.

Each box is themed and contains products related to the theme.

Every month you get 4 luxury beauty products of different brands

What brands do you get

The best thing that I like about glamigo is that they have many herbal and ayurvedic brands associated with them. I personally love products that are herbal or Ayurvedic  in nature and thus getting  goodies from herbal brands  makes me happy.

Glam ego will surprise you with many high end and luxury brands, some of the brands which were recently included in glamego box are

Sea soul



The Nature’s Co


Vedic line

Soap square

And the list goes on

Why You Must Buy a Beauty Subscription Box

Having read everything I have written above about subscription boxes, one question that must be hitting your mind has to be “why should I buy a subscription box “

We all use beauty and skin care products and choosing the best brand or the best composition is a daunting task, you get confused, you buy something and then you don’t like it, you get tired searching online about the best of brands, and this is when subscription boxes come in handy.

Each month you get a variety of products in your subscription box which are not very big in size and so you can try the products and see if you would like to continue with that product.

Sampling a variety of beauty or skin care products is not possible as we need to buy a full size product even if you want to try it. In a subscription box you get 4-5 surprises each month,  which is a good number. In 3-4 months you will see that you have already been introduced to a plenty of new brands, compositions and ingredients. You wll probably have a clear thought about the most appropriate products for your skin.

Basic Info About Glamego Box

Price : 1 Month         Rs. 399 / per box

:  3 Months      Rs. 329 / per box

:  6 Months      Rs.  299 / per box

:  12 Months    Rs.  289 / per box

No. of Products  4 products per box

Shipping Cost : Included

Launched : 8th March 2017 (Women’s Day)

Website: GLAMEGO

So that is all I could share with you about subscription boxes and especially Glamego box. I am totally in love with subscription boxes right now and my love for them is growing each month. And I’m sure that by now even you are tempted to get your hands on experience with your first ever Glamego box.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you did, please go ahead and pamper yourself with at least one subscription box , Glamego being the most affordable can be your best bet. Just give it a start and let me know how you felt about the whole idea of subscription boxes.




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