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4 Ways to Treat Back Pain Without Medication

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With the significant increase in tablet, cell phone, and other mobile device use has come the side effect of poor posture, leading to the widespread problem of back pain. While it is great that everyone wants to stay in touch with one another, if the communication is done with a wireless device, then it must be done with good health in mind as well. For example, so-called “text neck” has been shown to be responsible for many incidents of back pain. The constant dropping of the head, which weighs an average of 10 to 12 pounds, to look down at an incoming phone call or text message places undue stress on a person’s spine and over time can have debilitating consequences.

Lower back pain, or LBP has become a global problem. In the United States, LBP is the second most cited reason for visiting the doctor after the common cold or flu, and in India three-quarters of the respondents in a general-population survey on LBP identified it as a health condition that they suffer from. LBP differs in how long it may last and the degree of pain it inflicts. Sufferers with sub-acute LBP may experience symptoms from 4 to 12 weeks, whereas those with more acute forms may experience symptoms for longer than 12 weeks. Whether suffering from temporary pain or chronic pain, many prefer to treat this condition on their own and would rather not visit a doctor if they do not have to.

There are steps that a person can take to treat back pain without scheduling an appointment with their doctor or seeking out medication.

Beliefs Regarding Lower Back Pain And Turning Positive

How a person suffering from back pain thinks about their pain has a lot to do with the degree of pain they experience. Many make matters worse by constantly thinking of worst-case scenarios for this situation and obsessing over thoughts of how they can no longer accomplish certain goals they had planned for themselves. Simply changing a negative or hopeless attitude to an attitude of positivity and hopefulness can make the situation feel much less than what it is and motivate a person to keep working on improving their condition.

Lumbosacral Belts

Corsets as it turns out are not just for vanity. Lumbosacral belts, which have also been called therapeutic “corsets,” have been used for years to treat lower back pain, without a visit to a health care provider. For many of such wearers, they have found this brace to provide just the right kind of rigid support they needed to tighten up their lumbar spine region, at the small of the back, and feel better. Lumbosacral belts come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types, so everyone should find one that fits them properly.

Yoga and Massage

Some lower back stretches in yoga can help relieve the pain in the lower back, this can be done at home and does not require any medication so you can call it a natural method to treat back pain. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that yoga was great at strengthening the muscles and better as a self-care therapy (the yoga participants took both classes and lessons) than reading self-help books, performing aerobics, engaging in weight training, or just stretching as other means to alleviate back pain. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that at the end of the study period, the back-pain participants who relied on yoga as their main form of therapy rather than medication had a 50 percent less reliance on the pain relievers.

Positive results have also been shown to come about as a result of seeking help from a massage therapist. Activities like yoga and massages that call for a significant amount of spinal manipulation have been attributed to lessening the damaging and long-term effects of back pain and causing greater comfort to sufferers.

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Word of Caution

While there are several solutions for treating back pain naturally at home—that is, they do not require medication or a visit to a primary care physician—if a person is suffering from debilitating pain and/or if the situation continues for more than three days, then it is important for them to seek medical attention. Some cases may require more than self-care therapies; surgery, such as spinal laminectomy, may be even needed as treatment. In addition, many sufferers have found -wearing a medical alert bracelet helpful. Medical jewelry such as this can be found online, where you will find the perfect item to match your style and needs. If you are interested in medical hand and arm wear, you will want to check out the 9 Best Medical Alert Bracelets and Necklaces, which can save a life since they provide first responders with the medical history they need to know about the sufferer, and allow them to treat in the best way possible during an emergency. No matter what your approaches to pain management are, whether it be holistic, or therapeutic, it is always important to take steps to ensure you, or a loved one, has the best chance possible during an emergency.

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