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How To Choose The Best Citrus Juicer | Buying Guide

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Juicing is trending, those who were addicted to the packed commercial juices are now shifting to a healthier and fresher version i.e freshly extracted juice. So it is not a surprise if you are planning bring home your juicing partner i.e your very own Juicer.


Lets talk about citrus juicers today, as Citrus juices are the most preferred type of juice. Citrus juices are nutritious and healthy alternative to junk beverages like Cola and other airated drinks. What makes citrus juices very special is their taste, citrus juices and not only nutrient-dense but at the same time they are very tasty and refreshing and thats the reason why they are preferred over non citrus fruit juices by a lot of people .

Packed with Vitamin C they help you to attain healthy lifestyle goals and they Boost your immune system they are also packed with antioxidants.

What is a Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicer is an appliance that is used to squeeze out the juice of citrus fruits. Juicing out citrus fruits can be a daunting task as you need to remove the peel, seeds and the pulp, it is a lot of work. A high-end citrus juicer will simplify all these hassles, but does it give you cold pressed juice? If it doesn’t, then you are losing on the nutritive value of the juice. The key to healthy juicing is choosing a citrus juicer that will save you time, space and energy without compromising on the nutrients. Choose a juicer that retains the nutritive value of the fruit juice, high speed citrus juicers usually lose some nutrients while juicing. Buying a slow juicer from brands like Greenis will provide your family with healthy and fresh, cold pressed juice everyday.

What Type Of Citrus Juicer Should You Buy

Cold Pressed Citrus Juicer

Centrifugal juicers have managed to be there and do that for years now, using a centrifugal citrus juicer is easy and they are economic as well but the glory seems to be fading now. The popularity garnered by cold pressed juicers in recent times have made our very own Centrifugal juicer look obsolete at once.

Cold pressed juicer uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and it retains the sweetness, fresh aroma and most importantly the Nutrients. Juicing in a typical centrifugal juicer results in oxidization and loss of nutrients (and enzymes) due to heat as the blade spins in very high speed.

You can store the cold pressed juice for 4-5 days in you refrigerator as opposed to centrifugal juicer where you have to consume the juice within 30 minutes as the cells start dying and oxidation occurs quickly.

Although Cold Pressed Juicers are expensive but believe me you are investing in something that with give you a fresh and healthy juice everyday.

Features To Look For In A Citrus Juicer

Size of the Juicer : A compact citrus juicer will be the best choice as you wont use your juicer for multiple kitchen tasks. It is not worth enough to allot big space to a citrus juice neither on your counter top nor inside your cabinet. If you buy a sleek and slender citrus juicer like this one you can travel with it.

Pulp Regulator : Now this is something of great significance, can you recall that bitter taste of juice you had at a juice stall. Well that’s because there is mash and seed of the fruit in your juice. The final juice should not contain mash, seed or skin if you are looking for sweet juice try for a good juicer. A juicer with great pulp control feature  gets out more juice more efficiently so go for it even if its slightly higher on the price side.

Dishwasher friendly: Washing after using an appliance is really the biggest turn-off factor, a dishwasher friendly Citrus Juicer will be a life saver indeed.

Size of the juice container: Choose the container size according to your need, if you have a big family go for a juicer with bigger container as you don’t want to do the juicing separately for each member of the family.

To sum up, buy a citrus juicer that is easy to use and clean and one that gives the most fresh and nutrient rich juice everyday.



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