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 7 Ways To Get A Natural Face Lift With Simple Yoga Poses

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Facial yoga is the natural and quicker way of a facelift. Yoga is serving the humanity for 1500 years for getting improved health and fitness. Loose skin is a sign of aging. Facial yoga poses are really helpful in making the skin tighter and provide you youthful appearance. Aging is a natural phenomenon and we all have to experience it but if you think you are aging quickly then you must consider performing facial yoga. There are 7 ways to get a natural facelift with simple yoga poses.


  1. The “V”

This is the easiest way of making age resistant body. You just need to make a “V” sign by positioning two fingers at the end of the eyebrows. You need to exert pressure and make a squint. Once it’s done, free your fingers and let the body come into the natural position. You need to repeat this process 6 times. In the end, you will need to shut your eyes by squeezing them. Now, just relax and breathe.

  1. The Owl

You need to make two “C” shapes with your fingers around the eyes. When you will place the fingers on the eyes then you should be relaxing your forehead. Remember, keep both eyes open. You have to repeat this facial yoga pose for three times after every ten-second gap. Don’t forget taking deep breathes during the gap.


  1. Pufferfish

This is again an easy pose for face uplifting. You need to make your mouth as small as you can and puff out the cheeks. Then keep tapping your cheeks. In fact, this technique is used to make the cells of the cheeks stronger. If you are facing skin breakouts then you must use anti-acne masks before starting this facial yoga exercise.

  1. Circling the eyes

In this facial yoga pose, you need to place your both index fingers at the end corner of eyebrows. You would be following the trajectory of eyebrows along with tapping the area around eyes with slight force. You should tap the area located under the eyes as well. Now, repeat this method in the reverse direction. Apply this method to the area close to the nose as well.

  1. Kissing face

This is an interesting yoga pose. You need to make your face like you are kissing someone. You need to tilt your head and make the kissing sound. After making one kissing sound you need to relax and take deep breathes. Keep doing it for 6 more times to get the required benefits.

  1. Chipmunk cheeks

This is another interesting facial yoga pose for toning the muscles of the cheek. Take a deep breath. Close your mouth and puff the cheeks like balloons. Repeat this activity several times. Don’t forget taking pause for deep breathing and relaxation. This facial yoga pose may appear weird but it is really excellent for making the cheeks look prettier. Actually, in this way, cheek muscles get in shape which is going out of shape due to quick aging.

  1. Pucker up

You will find this facial yoga pose funny and interesting. In this pose, you need to squeeze the cheeks inward. Squeeze them as much as you can. Now, try to smile. You will be smiling against by moving the lips area against the friction. Repeat this pose for several times in a day but keep taking deep breathes midway.

All of these facial yoga poses are easy to implement plus you would not get bored. But remember, these poses are suggested by yoga experts and have sufficient face-lifting benefits.



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