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9 Ways to Have Beautiful Skin Without Wearing Any Makeup

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beautiful skin without makeup

Everyone wishes that their skin especially the face remains in excellent condition even without using makeup. However, the difference between achieving just that and that wish just becoming a mirage is in the care you give to your skin. A good skin requires constant nourishment and proper care. Being allergic to the makeup you use may be another reason why you should consider makeup-free skin care when it comes to enhancing its beauty. A good-looking skin free of makeup can help you save tens of hundreds of dollars worth of makeup, in the long-run. That said, it is essential to understand that there are alternatives to makeup that can make your skin become better and appealing to others.

Here are the 9 ways to have better skin without Using Makeup

Use Moisturizers More Often

One thing that makes your skin to become dry and flaky is the absence of enough moisture. You can, therefore, enhance your skin beauty by using moisturizers after washing the face or skin. Important to note is that moisturizers that have SPF as a component provide the best moisturizing results. In case your skin is drier, try using heavier moisturizers that have soothing and nourishing ingredients such as Aloe vera and shea butter. Remember, the moisturizer you choose to use should be suited for your type of skin.

Remember, the moisturizer you choose to use should be suited for your type of skin. You have to first identify your skin type before you are able to use the best face moisturizer for you. Most people nowadays choose one that is gel-based especially for oily and combination type of skin.

Clean Your Face 2-3 Times A Day

Most times people find it rough when they fail to provide their skin the attention it requires. Therefore, there are routines you can follow to ensure your skin remains healthy and appealing. One such routine is cleaning your face not less than twice a day; in the morning after you wake up and in the evening/night before you get into bed. You can also enhance the face’s appearance when you use a facial wash that matches your type of skin. Consulting a dermatologist can help you discover a facial wash suited for your skin. Remember, over washing of your face can be undo the gains you would otherwise get when you moderate your facial cleaning.

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Once A week, Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation entails the removal of dead skin cells. The removal of this dead skin cells can be done by way of scrubbing the skin on a weekly basis. Once you exfoliate the skin, you make it look fresh and radiant. To get the best results, avoid scrubbing the face too hard using an exfoliator like these ones. Remember, whenever you scab it thoroughly, you introduce irritations and expose it to excessive dryness. You can, therefore, use a clean washcloth after soaking it in warm water to exfoliate the skin.

Make Use of Toners

Toner is one beauty product, potential of which has been underestimated over time. The use of a good toning product can make an unexpected impact on your skin. It works by restoring the pH of the skin, thus making the skin look smooth and radiant. To be on the safer side, seek out alcohol-free toners – they’re known to reduce your skin’s dryness and also make it look evener. Remember, toners are suitable for acne or oily-prone skin, and can, therefore, help you in tightening your pores and getting rid of excess oils off your skin.

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Get Rid Of  Your Makeup Before Sleep

Even though we’re focusing on improving the skin beauty without makeup, it is crucial understanding that wearing makeup for a prolonged period can cause damage to your skin. A makeup-free skin is a healthy skin, and you can, therefore, use popular makeup removal products such as the cream or the foaming cleanser.

Another thing is you need to get at least 6-8 hours sleep every night, this is different based on personal experience like the age, sex. And remember to choose a comfortable pillow for you and your family to avoid neck and back pain after you wake up the next morning.

Take Regular Showers

When you take regular showers, your skin becomes more attractive. Avoid taking a hot shower as it leaves your skin dry and stripped of important essential oils. Use soaps that are suited for your skin. Make it a habit of taking a shower on a daily basis.

Use Sunscreen When Going Outside

You are likely to suffer sunburns when you take a walk on a sunny day. Besides, your skin may suffer from the effects of exposure to harmful UVA/UVB rays. As a result, you may end up experiencing premature skin aging and worst still, become a skin cancer patient. With sunscreen, you can protect your skin from all these effects and still maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Remember, you can even use a sunscreen that also works as a moisturizer.

Stop Unnecessary Touch On Your Face

Touching your face may be one habit that most people find themselves practicing without knowing. By touching your face, you affect the quality of your skin. Some of the habits that affect the skin quality include picking up some spots, scratching the face, and rubbing the face, among others. By touching your skin, you introduce unwanted oils and bacteria that affect how your face or skin looks.

Avoid Popping A Pimple

You may get a temptation of popping a pimple as a way of eliminating them. However, the truth is that when you break them, you risk causing an outbreak of more acne and scaring on your face. It’s crucial to remain patient and allow the pimples to clear by themselves if you’re to maintain healthier skin. In the long-run, your skin will appear smoother, more youthful and appealing.

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