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8 Things To Carry While Going For Camping

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Going Camping can be fun, adventurous and relaxing too but if you land up unequipped with all your camping essentials you will ruin your entire experience of camping. Although camping is for adventure and some take it as a challenge to test their ability to survive without the luxuries of our home, but at the same time most campers find it difficult to work-out without the essentials.

Here is a List of Camping Essentials That You Must Carry With You

essential things to carry for camping

1. A Tube Tent / Or Any Tent

Yupp you need a shelter no matter where you are and what you do. You may think of making your own cosey place under the starry blue sky,  but believe me roughing it out may not be a good idea always. A tube tent takes less space in your backpack and it is very easy to install.

2. A Carbiner

These are essential, you may need a carbiner or a D-hook to hold things out of your backpack. Just in case your shoes have got wet or your camping cutlery is dirty, a carbiner is one thing that will help to carry things along without keeping them inside your backpack. It can also be used to set up your Camping hammock.

3. Camping Flashlight

Camping is fun during day but as the sun starts to set it gets a bit scary, having a good camping light will lead to no regrets..

4. A Sleeping Bag And Blanket

You get a wide range to choose from, pick one that meets your requirement. Some qualities that you must look for in your sleeping bag are, they should be lightweight, water-proof, thick enough to keep you warm and snug. If you have to believe me nothing can beat the comfort of a soft warm blanket when you are outdoors. If you want to make the most out of your adventure trip during daytime, a good night sleep is mandatory so it is always wise to keep a cozy bedding with you.

5. Camping Stove

Cooking equipment is a must carry, even if you have enough of ready to eat food in your backpack, you must carry a cooking equipment like a  camping stove or grill with you. Fishing is one of the most enjoyed activities during camping and you cant eat that fresh catch raw.

6. A First Aid / Medical Kit

For obvious reasons you see, you don’t want that headache or wound to spoil your camping adventure. If you are under medication for any medical condition, add your pills to the kit as a priority.  Insect replant should also be included in the kit.

7. Camping Knife

If you have been watching Bear Grylls on Television you definitely know what wonders a survival knife can do for you. Just Pack it I bet you wont regret.

8. Your Camera and Some Extra Batteries

Capture your memories and discoveries for ever through your camera, after all its all about social media profile updates, right.  Extra batteries are essential for all of your camping gear be it your camera, flashlight, head lamp or your personal gadgets.

Some More Handy Tips For Camping

Lightweight / Portable and  Compact are the keywords: You can carry tons on your back so keep maximum things in compact sizes and lighter in weight. This way you will be able to fit in more things to make your camping comfortable and fun.

Keep Sufficient Food : Even if you are fond of hunting and fishing and you always dreamt of grilling your catch under the starry night, you never know when it will start pouring from heaven above. You will always thank me for those energy bars I asked you to pack.

Water Storage Bags : Water is a necessity and no matter wherever you are be it your office, shopping mall, while travelling or even Camping the rule remains constant, carry water along with you.

Some Extras will make it More Interesting : A music gadget and a hammock will make start gazing more fun.

A fire starter : This should have been in the top of the list, I don’t know how I missed it but please you don’t. Take it along it has to be with you throughout your camping trip.

Extra Clothes : Pack clothes that dry faster and pack extra clothes. Never dare to stay bare in that wee camping site.

Comfortable Foot Wear : Camping is all about walking so when you are on your foot its your job to keep your feet happy.

Invest in a Good Backpack : An uncomfortable backpack will leave you with a sore back and wrecked neck, buy a good backpack and learn how to wear it appropriately.

This was the camping checklist I have put together, there are many other thinks you can carry along but these according to me are the basic necessities while camping.



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