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Best Stress Relieving Activities : 5 things To Do When You Are Stressed

stress relieving activities to destress

Stress that we are discussing today is the mental or Pshycological stress, it is an emotional tension that is normally a result of adverse circumstances and events in ones life. Mental stress can influence a person’s life in several ways like loss of focus in doing things and it may lead to serious mental illness like Depression and Anxiety. Stress can also effect the physical wellbeing by causing or influencing medical problems like poor healing from diseases, Hypertension, poor management of Diabetes etc.

A healthy and happy mind is important to have a healthy body and life overall. Any thing that disturbs your mental well-being should be eliminated from your life immediately. Remember one thing you get only one life and you deserve to live it to the fullest. Unfortunately life today has become a challenge for many, over competitiveness, higher ambitions, failing relationships, increased divorce rates are some most common factors that result in a stressful life in adults.

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stress relieving activities to destress

Effects of Stress

  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Poor Healing
  • Onset of medical conditions like Hypertension and IBS

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These Five Activities Helps To Reduce Stress

1. Squishy Ball And Slime

Playing with slime is fun and it also relives stress. Grab some slime or a squishy ball if you are feeling too stressed working, playing with these for 5-10 minutes will bring back your focus. Playing with slime will distract you from that constant stressful frame of mind , it will your mind a break and recharge you to carry on.

2. Go For A Vacation

Taking Vacations help in relieving stress, most of the people come back from a relaxing vacation with more positivity and fully charged-up to take life on. Vacations are not just a luxury it mostly brings a positive change in a person’s life by breaking the monotony of stressful routines. The point here is to take a good period of relief from the daily routine, it is observed that relaxing vacations works therapeutically on those who work in a stressful job environment, a good 3 days break will also show improvement in your job performance.

So don’t just keep thinking and reading about how to relieve stress, its time for you to pack your bags for a good relaxing and refreshing trip. Basking in the morning sun on your Outdoor Hammock, reading your favorite author is certainly going to beat the blue and help you bounce back with a happier mind.

While vacations are really helpful in reducing stress, it is very important for you to plan your vacations well. A poorly planned vacation will deprive you of all positive benefits of your well deserved timeout.

3. Treat Yourself

Stress makes you feel sad and depressed, to beat these negative emotions you need to elevate your mood, indulging in activities that gives you pleasure will certainly prove to be an effective stress buster.

  • Go Shop: Shopping makes everyone happy when in stress and feeling low just go and buy things for yourself and see how it changes your mood and relieves your stress, trust me many men and women vouch on this stress busting activity
  • Cook Your Favorite Meal : Yes food can come to your rescue when feeling low and stressed, cook some delicious meal and call your friends over. Socializing helps in coming out of that gloomy zone stress creates around you.
  • Relax in a Spa : Spend a day in a spa, get a relaxing body massage, sauna and every treatment that makes you refreshed and delighted.

4. Delegate

Many people especially women have got the habit of doing everything on their own, failure in managing everything up to the mark leads to stress. Remember you are not a machine and taking others help is not going to belittle your capabilities in anyways. Delegating your work (wherever possible)will help you attain your goals in time with lesser efforts.

Be it your work or household chores, delegate responsibilities so that you get enough time to think about, plan and execute your responsibilities well.

5. Get Creative / Craft

Get indulged in your hobbies, create something and feel the joy. Knitting, painting, dancing, cooking are some hobbies that can help your de-stress. Creativity evokes a feeling of satisfaction withing you these positive emotion are totally capable of taking over the stress. It distracts you from the feelings of stress and anxiety and sets your focus on the task in hand.

Just remember how we enjoyed sculpting with play dough, painting something as kids the same science works here, we all have experienced the joy of creativity as kids but as we grow up we usually tend to deprive ourselves from such wonderful experiences. The Art Therapy is something that helps you use the benefits of art to discover and express your creative side to reduce stress and get up close and personal with your own feelings.

Looking for creative ways to relieve stress? Your answer lies in these geometric coloring pages for adults.

A Piece of Advice

No matter how stressful and depressive life seems to you, by keeping a positive attitude and giving yourself a relaxing break you can definitely manage the stress. If things are beyond your control just leave them and allow the time take its course, learn to say no in an assertive way not aggressive. Practice relaxation techniques this really helps in lowering stress levels in day to day life



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