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Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits For Skin And Beauty

best uses and benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used in a variety of ways for many years, this amazing plant oil is incorporated in food recipes, skin care products and in pharmaceuticals as well. It is also a base for several hair care products like hair oils, shampoos and conditioners.

best uses and benefits of coconut oil

In Southern India Coconut oil is widely used for cooking and in Homemade beauty Recipes. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is used for oil pulling, a method used to prevent tooth decay and loss. In the West it is incorporated in several beauty recipes like homemade lip balms, lotion bars, homemade soaps, DIY body butter and so on.

The magic of coconut oil lies in its therapeutic benefits owing to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the skin, stimulating faster healing of wounds healing and skin repair.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil When Applied Topically On Skin

Anti- Inflammatory

Inflammation is nothing but a healing process which occurs in response to injury or infection.Coconut Oil gets its anti inflammatory property from the Lauric Acid present in it. Due this property coconut oil helps in reducing the pain and redness caused by insect bites. It is also helpful in dealing with acne, skin rashes etc by reducing the pain , swelling, redness and itchiness caused by the inflammation.


Some studies has found that coconut oil has anti bacterial properties which makes it good for applying on yeast infections and dermal infections. Applying pure coconut oil directly on the yeast infection affected area will help in reducing the infection. Topical application of coconut oil has very low chances of developing allergic reactionsthis makes it a desirable natural treatment for not so serious dermal infections.

Topical application of coconut oil helps to heal and prevent infections, rash, acne, candida (yeast), and  skin conditions.


The phenolic compounds present in the coconut oil is the key behind it antioxidant property. The antioxidants helps in providing the free radicals what they need to repair the damaged cells. Antioxidants play a significant role in keeping the skin, hair and body healthy and disease free.

Coconut oil extracted by cold pressed method retains most of its antioxidant properties as compared to refined coconut oil.

Wound Healing

Owing it healing abilities much to its fat molecules called Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), coconut oil not just heals the wounds but it can also speed the healing process.

Anti Aging

Those who love natural remedies for their skin problems vouch on the goodness of Coconut Oil. No wonder there are hundreds of beauty products formulated having coconut oil as their base. Coconut oil is believed to be a collagen booster thus helping in maintaining a youthful and supple skin. The age spots, wrinkle and fine lines can be prevented by topical application of coconut oil. It is a natural emollient which means it keeps you skin well hydrated and less susceptible to wrinkles.

Best Uses Of Coconut Oil For Health

Hair Growth

Coconut oil improves the quality of hair and promotes hair growth. To get the best result use extra virgin coconut oil instead of commercial coconut based hair oil. The commercial coconut hair oil contains mineral oil which reduces the efficiency of the oil.

Dental Health

Oil Pulling is a technique mentioned in Ayurveda Medicine that is native to India, this technique was introduced to western world only a few decades ago but since then it has been well accepted by many believers of Ayurveda. Performing oil pulling with coconut oil helps in killing the bacteria present in the mouth. Coconut oil pulling is believed to have several oral health benefits, it helps in preventing; tooth decay and tooth loss, bleeding gums and strengthening the teeth.

Coconut Oil For Sunburn

Coconut oil is a well known home remedy for Sunburn. Coconut oil is high in saturated fats hence it has moisturizing properties, it is also a natural coolant and can help in soothing the burning and itching caused by sunburn. Lauric Acid present in the Coconut oil helps in providing relief from sunburn and the special Medium Chain Fatty Acids allows quick absorption of the oil to provide quick relief from the burning and itching. It is better advised to allow the sunburn cool on its own or with the help of cool compress and then apply coconut oil which will help in soothing your sunburned skin and moisturizing it.

Coconut Oil For Skin

If you haven’t yet, its right time to start treating your skin with coconut oil. This all natural oil is inarguably a very good moisturizer, it also helps in keeping your skin safe from infections. Applying coconut oil on skin will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will also nourish the skin thoroughly.

To add coconut oil oil to your skin care routine you can either apply it directly on the skin or enhance its properties by adding it with other nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera gel, Shea butter, Essential Oils etc. to make your own Homemade Beauty Products.

Some Tips To Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is hailed in Ayurveda for its various properties and thus it is extensively used in Ayurveda. It is the base of most of the hair oils like Bhringaraja Oil, Brahmi Oil and several other Ayurvedic Oils (tailam). The most important point here is that, when they say Coconut Oil they mean the pure natural coconut oil.

To derive best therapeutic value from Coconut oil always buy it in its most natural form. In places with lower temperatures coconut oil will solidify.

How To Choose Best Coconut Oil

Check the label before buying if it has other ingredients like mineral oil then don’t buy.

Don’t fall for non sticky Coconut oil, the oil is sticky in its natural form and that is how it is advised to be used.

For cooking and oil pulling use extra virgin coconut oil

Check the label for terms like unrefined, pure and virgin cold pressed Coconut oil.



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