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Nutritional Deficiencies Effects On Nails – Ridges On Fingernails, Brittle Nails, White Spots

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fingernails and nutrient deficiencies

Nails are not just a platform for creative nail arts but they actually are like a window to our inner health. The appearance, texture and color of nails may give several indications about what is going inside one’s body. They reflect the nutritional status of your body.

Nails are indicative of our body’s overall state of health. Any sudden change in the texture, color or appearance of nails and nail bed should not be neglected, as these changes in the nails can indicate nutritional deficiencies which may further lead to more serious health conditions.

Trauma to nails may also cause red or brown spots on the nails but if you have not had any nail injury or trauma and are still observing dark brown or red spots on your nails, then you must immediately get yourself examined by your Doctor.

Nutritional Deficiencies And How Nails Reflect Them

fingernails and nutrient deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies are mostly reflected by nails in form of brittle nails, occurrence of ridges on fingernails, discoloration of nails etc. are the most common indicatives of deficiencies in our body.

Ridges on Fingernails

Vitamin deficiencies and fingernail ridges are one of the most searched queries regarding fingernails, Vitamins are essential nutrient they help in growth and maintenance of cells thus having a vitamin deficiency very likely to be reflected through the nails in form of ridges or any other nail abnormalities

Horizontal Fingernail Ridges : That run across the nails are also called Beau’s Lines, these nail ridges may be caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin B1. These are generally deep grooves that run from one side to the other side of the nail.

Vertical Ridges On Fingernails

These are vertical lines on nails, “this type of nail ridging is commonly considered a result of ageing and they normally become more prominent as we age” states

There are several ways to reduce or minimize the appearance of Vertical fingernails ridges like buffing them up, using ridge fillers, eating a diet rich in vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, protein, in short a well balanced and nutrient rich diet.

Brittle Nails

If your nails breaks too easily or keep chipping off and breaking from the tips, you probably have brittle nails. Vitamin deficiencies or other underlying diseases can be a cause of brittle nails, but this is not the only cause sometimes external factors like excessive exposure to water and cleaning solutions, nail polish removers etc. may also make your nails brittle.

Deficiency of Biotin which is a part of Vitamin B group aka Vitamin H can lead to brittle nails. Biotin metabolizes Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates, our body needs biotin for growth and development and it its also an important nutrient for healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. A recent study has also found that Biotin Supplementation improved the condition of participants who had brittle nails.

Vitamin E capsules can help in recovering from brittle nails problem, just prick one capsule and massage the nails with the Vitamin E oi. Staying hydrated is a thumb rule for your overall health and nails are not an exception.

White Specks (Spots on Nails)

white speck on nails calcium deficiency

‘Calcium deficiency and White Specks on nails’ is the most common conception across the world but  a study conducted in Nov 2010 and March 2011 suggested that “there is no correlation between the presences of Leukonychia and calcium or zinc intake scores”.  However the possibility of nutrient deficiencies causing white spots on nails cannot be ruled out completely. Iron deficiency is also considered a possible cause of Milk Spots on nails

It is thought that the white spots on nails are a result of any trauma or injury that happened to the nail. This condition is normally not considered as a serious issue and the white spots will disappears as the nail grows out. If the white spot

Flat And Concave Nails

concave nails spoon shaped

If you observe that your nails have become abnormally thin and even have become concave in shape you may be suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia. This condition is called”Koilonychia” commonly  known as “Spoon Shaped nails. There are different conditions that may lead to nails losing their convexity and appear like a spoon. Talking about nutritional deficiency this condition is usually associated with Iron insufficiency.

 Keeping your nutritional status in check can definitely help you keeping your fingernails healthy and strong.



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