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Natural Air Fresheners Are Better Than Plugin Air Fresheners

We want our house to be smelling good all the time but its not possible always as smell inside the house keeps on changing as we do our day to day activities while cooking your house smells of food and when the house is locked for few hours and you come back you get different type of odour in the house and then to get rid of all these odors the first thing that comes to our rescue is an air freshener. Air fresheners have been used in homes since  several years it has been used and it was considered to be a very good innovation as it help us make the air inside the house fresh and fragrant.
The purpose of air freshener is to eliminate or mask the unpleasant odor and impart a fresh pleasing odor to the indoor space, but remember this should not be done in exchange of your health.

The Dangers Of Plugin Air Fresheners

Do you know that the plugin  air fresheners that we buy from the store are loaded with chemicals and artificial scent, many of the brands are known to use harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues specially among children, older people and those who are allergic to strong scent.
As air fresheners are used thus inhaled everyday by the family members it may affect the health adversely in a longer run.
But the point is why would you want to use man-made chemical loaded fragrances when mother nature gifted us with aromatic natural substances than are free of toxins and devoid of hazardous chemicals.
Today I am sharing with you some good alternatives  to the commercial air freshener which is hundred percent natural and has been used in Indian homes since ancient times.

Things To Know Before Choosing Air Freshener

  • It should not be chemical laden
  • The air freshener you use should not be too strong in fragrance, mild and subtle fragrance is what you must go for.
  • It should be toxin free
  • Everything that is labelled organic is not chemical free, check the labels carefully before buying one.

Essential Oils For Diffusing Fragrance Indoor

Essential Oil are volatile oils that are derived from plants, these oils are highly therapeutic and have  been used in several natural remedies since more than a few 1000 years. These oils are extracted from different parts of a plant for eg.  Rose essential oil is derived from the petals and Cinnamon Essential oil is derive from the inner bark of the tree.

Essential oils are naturally aromatic and they can impart pleasing scent to your space, all you need is diffuser and essential oil of your choice.  These natural oils will not only uplift your mood but they will also act as insect repellent. Eucalyptus, Thyme, Citronella, Basil essential oil all are known for their insect repellent properties.

Essential oils air freshener

Mesmara Set Of 6 Essential Oils

Camphor A Natural Air Freshener

Yes Kaphoor as its called in India is already present in most of the Indian households as it is used in Pooja. But very rarely we know that it is an amazing air freshener as well as air purifier. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like Phatalates (one of the harmful chemicals used in commercial air fresheners)

Campure Camphor Cone

Camphor cone is a very good room freshener that you can use to eliminate the upsetting ordors of your house.
It is natural and very economic product that is easily available online in India.

Campure Camphor Cone

It is basically a fabric shaped as a cone which is filled with camphor. The cone has a small look on the top through which it can be hanged easily.

1 cone will last about 45 days then you can easily replace it.

Camphor in the cone gets vaporized and diffused in the air, the cone starts shrinking and when the cone shrinks completely you will come to know that it’s now time to replace the cone.

This cone is non toxic and is hundred percent natural as camphor is a natural product derived from the wood of the tree Cinnamomum camphora  and has been used since ancient times.

These natural air fresheners may not appear as appealing and promising as the commercial ones do, but they will definitely save you from inhaling harmful chemicals like Phthalates and other Volatile Organic Compounds. That may result in some serious respiratory issues in a longer run.



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