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Sebaceous Cysts Causes And Treatment Before They Get Infected

Why You Need to Treat Sebaceous Cysts Before They Get Infected

Anyone who has gone through puberty knows how prone the body is to the development of pimples, blemishes, lumps and other types of aesthetically disruptive growths. Fortunately, most of them happen to be benign more often than not. Still, by far the most unpleasant in this category are sebaceous cysts.

They don’t seem threatening, and for the most part they aren’t. Nevertheless, if left unattended for too long, complications can arise. This creates quite the hassle, which is why you need to stay informed on what the right course of action is. Here is everything you need to know about the topic, as well as a few suggestions for a sebaceous cyst home treatment.

What Is a Sebaceous Cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are small, non-cancerous lumps under the skin that contain semiliquid or liquid material. They form from hair follicles on the face, neck, and torso. Nevertheless, their occurrence is not limited to these areas. They do not cause pain, as they grow slowly, but they are rather cosmetically unpleasant.

Causes and Complications Of Sebaceous Cyst

Trauma at the level of the gland that produces sebum is the main cause behind the formation of these unsavory bumps. Acne, wounds or scratches are the various types of disturbances at hand in this situation. They the oil from exiting the duct, which leads to clogging and inflammation. This happens over the course of a few months.

Although they are generally non-threatening, sebaceous cysts can become infected. When they rupture, they produce a boil-like sore that is filled with puss.  In this case, they will need immediate attention. Nevertheless, the best way to prevent this complication is by having them checked as soon as you notice them.

Finding the Right Treatment of Sebaceous Cyst

To prevent infections, you need to go to the doctor. He or she will give you a physical exam and provide a subsequent diagnosis. Usually, they can figure out what the deal with it is by having a look. However, if the formation is an unusual one, they might order some additional tests.

A CT scan : Helps in finding the route for surgery, and also abnormalities if there are any.

Ultrasound : Helps in understanding the contents of the cyst.

Punch Biopsy : Helps in checking if there are any signs of cancer in the cyst.

These are all standard procedure, so don’t worry.

These are performed to rule out possible cancer or other types of tumors. After determining exactly what is going on, your doctor might just drain the cyst, or they might surgically remove it. Most opt for the latter for cosmetic reasons. The bumps don’t necessarily call for full elimination, as they are not dangerous after draining.

However, if they are not eradicated for good, they will usually come back. For this reason, it’s best to decide against a simple draining. Still, it all depends on the medical professional in question as well. What is more, there are several types of surgeries that can be performed to serve this purpose.

First of all, we have the conventional excision, which completely removes it, but can leave a scar behind. Minimal excisions on the other hand are a lot more non-invasive, but by pursuing one you are still at a risk of the cyst returning. Finally, the most elegant option is the laser removal, which creates a small point of drainage.

The leftover walls are then operated about a month later. Due to the finesse of this surgery, it is also the most expensive one of the bunch. Fortunately, if they are spotted early on, they can be treated successfully at home as well. This is rather inexpensive, and it is effective provided that the cyst isn’t already infected.

Natural Treatment of Sebaceous Cyst ( Home Remedies )

Although Sebaceous cysts are believed to be non cancerous still it is advisable to rush to the doctor if you spot one. Proper diagnosis is of prime importance to prevent possible complications.

Once you are sure that the sebaceous cyst does not impose any life threatening dangers you may choose to try some natural / herbal remedies for sebaceous cyst removal.

There are plenty of organic alternatives used as home remedies diminish sebaceous cysts.

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Apply them locally to achieve the best results. However, if this fails to happen, then it is advisable to consult with your doctor at your earliest convenience.

The Bottom Line

Sebaceous cysts are small lumps on the surface of the skin that form when the sebaceous gland has undergone some sort of trauma. This traps the oil in the duct, which inflames the area. The process is a slow one, and it’s generally not painful at all. However, if handled improperly, an infection can form, which leads to complications.

Fortunately, the best prevention is taking care of the problem once you notice it. At-home treatments are available, which is great news when you’re on a budget. However, if they don’t solve the problem, consulting with a doctor is the next best thing. He or she will advise you on drainage or removal procedures.

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