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The Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil For Skin and Acne Care

Taking care of your skin now can help it stay healthy and young for years to come. The key to this is finding the right treatment that works for your specific skin profile. To that end, the article below will cover the benefits of Meadowfoam, a new contender on the natural herbal treatment scene. Reading this post will bring to you several Meadowfoam seed oil benefits for skin.

What is Meadowfoam?

Meadowfoam is a low growing annual flower that does the best in winter because it is able to adapt to soils that are poorly drained and is cold resistant. The colloquial name “Meadowfoam” comes from the plant’s appearance: white clusters of flowers dot the surface of the plant similar to the way that foam rises above water. This flower is found primarily on the Northwest Coast of the United States, as well as in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The plant can grow to heights of 18 inches, and is easy to transplant thanks to its shallow root system. Meadowfoam is not a self-pollinating flower, which means that it requires insect intervention to spread pollen. However, this particular flower is not favored by pollinators, so expanded growth can be difficult. For proper care, Meadowfoam should be kept in cooler environments that do not see excessive rainfall, as this flower is not water tolerant.

What are the Skin Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil?

The composition of naturally occurring fatty acids in Meadowfoam oil give it a unique, non-greasy feel that works as an excellent emollient. When used as a base in skincare products, Meadowfoam oil drastically increases the moisturizing effects of any lotion or cream. Its unmatched stability also makes it useful in extending the shelf life of other oils and natural skincare products that are prone to faster aging thanks to their lack of commercial preservatives.

Meadowfoam oil is thick enough that it is able to form a sort of “barrier” across the skin that helps lock in moisture and keep up a continual delivery of nutrients to the skin over time. Thus, this is not a quick use product whose effects fade after a few minutes; this oil will last longer than most and provide powerful results along the way.

Thanks to its ability to provide and lock in moisture, Meadowfoam oil is highly adept at smoothing out scars and stretch marks. You can add other oils to it (for scent or additional health benefits) and apply the mixture directly to the affected areas for smoother, less damaged looking skin.

What Specific Nutrients are in Meadowfoam Oil?

Meadowfoam seed oil is not only a super-moisturizer, but it is also high in antioxidants and a variety of other nutrients that are highly beneficial for proper skin care, including:

  • Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant that offers an extra layer of protection for cells and is used frequently in skin and hair care products to increase smoothness and strength)
  • Linoleic Acid (an essential fatty acid that can only be obtained outside of the body that promotes healthy cell growth)
  • Oleic Acid (an essential fatty acid that helps protect cells from damage)
  • Vitamin C (in addition to its immune-boosting properties, Vitamin C is also good at preventing wrinkles)
  • Eicosenoic Acid (another fatty acid that does not block pores and is easily absorbed to improve skin health)
  • Docosadienoic Acid (another fatty acid that is beneficial for skin health and appearance)

How Can Meadowfoam Oil Help with My Acne?

With its many skin-nourishing benefits, Meadowfoam is an ideal acne combatant for your beauty routine. The oil has highly effective detoxifying properties that can help strip excess oils and dirt from the surface of your skin.

When added to a facial scrub, Meadowfoam oil has proven that it is an excellent for unclogging pores and removing stubborn blackheads. The natural ingredients of the oil are adept at sinking down into pores and using their nourishment properties to clean them out and keep them moisturized, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

Meadowfoam oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce the redness around problem areas. Its powerful moisturizing properties give it the added ability to soothe irritated skin and reduce the appearance of redness. Which makes it perfect for acne, but also a great choice for those who suffer from eczema or other forms of chronic skin irritations.

One of the primary triggers of acne is the body’s natural production of sebum, which is secreted from the sebaceous gland and can cause increases in oily or dry skin, depending on the individual. The eicosenoic acid in Meadowseed oil is a rare fatty acid that can be used to help balance the body’s production of sebum and reduce oily or dry skin. Thus, Meadowseed oil is a natural response to curbing the acne curse, and its chemical makeup makes it a highly effective choice.

What Else is Meadowfoam seed Oil Good for?

In the same way that Meadowseed oil is adept at moisturizing and protecting skin, it is also an excellent choice in other cosmetic and body care products that are focused on areas of the body in need of a little extra moisture.

Skin Moisturizer

Meadowfoam seed oil makes a great addition to lip moisturizers thanks to its ability to lock in that moisture over long periods of time. The oil’s natural composition makes it perfect for creating a soft surface on the lips that not only feel amazing, but looks plump and beautiful.

Keeps Hair Hydrated

In hair, there are few compounds more efficient at providing maximum moisture to the follicles and scalp. Even better, your scalp will retain that moisture longer, giving your hair a more fluid, soft appearance and feel throughout the day. For individuals with curlier hair, this is a particularly important benefit, as the oil will help keep curls hydrated and frizz free. That moisture power also works to decrease dandruff, since dry skin is one of the oil’s primary targets.

Anti Aging Effect

The Vitamin E in Meadowfoam oil is perfect for anti-aging efforts, as well. Regular use of the oil (either by itself or as an additive to other facial lotions, scrubs, cleansers, or creams) will help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other age spots that begin to develop over time.

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The discovery of Meadowfoam seed oil was a breakthrough in many ways and across various sectors of industry. Its most important benefits center around the prolongation and maintenance of one’s health, and the cosmetic benefits are a happily welcome bonus. When searching for a new skin care regime, consider trying Meadowfoam seed oil and see if its super moisturizing abilities are good for your routine and skin type.



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