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Living Room Ideas For Setting Up Fish Tanks

living room fish tank ideas

You may be considering setting up an aquarium in your home but worried you don’t have the space, or are looking at a small fish bowl rather than the exotic tank which you’ve always dreamed of. However, there are many creative ways to introduce fish tanks into your living room.

There are hundreds of modern aquarium designs including those which are built flush into the walls, so they don’t take up any extra space in the room and create a really striking design feature. These fun, creative living room ideas, were given to us by the team over at who offer a range of very nice fish tanks and aquariums so check them out.

Here goes…

11 Ideas To Integrate a Beautiful Fish Tank In Your Living Room

living room fish tank ideas

1. A Panoramic Wall Tank

If you have a blank wall across one side of your living room why not get it converted into a panoramic fish tank which reaches from one side of the room to the other. This panoramic fish tank idea looks stunning and creates movement and colour across your whole room without taking up any of the space.

2. A Dividing Wall Tank

If you have a solid wall between two rooms, why not get a fish tank built into the wall? The traditional way to do it is to have the fish tank visible in one of the rooms, with the other side hidden by a useful cabinet. That way the space you create in the wall is both useful and practical. If you are building a tank within a wall always get professional building advice first.

3. Fish Tank Centerpiece

Instead of making a large television screen the central focal point of the room, why not make it a large aquarium instead? Have the aquarium on a stand in the center of the room, as you would normally have the TV – people will do a double-take when they enter the room.

4. Total Fish Tank Wall

Instead of having a fish tank built into a wall, with a cabinet on the other side, why not create a complete aquarium wall where you can see through the tank from one room into the other for a really stunning effect.

5. Double Fish Tank

For a modern look, why not fit fish tanks flush into the wall, either side of a flat screen TV – that way you have three screens to choose from when you want to watch something! Making the fish tanks flush will add space into the room and create the modern twist.

6. Fish Tank Cabinet Wall

For a dramatic and practical approach why not create a fish tank with a wooden cabinet surround – the cabinet will frame the fish tank and provide useful storage space. This entire unit can be built into a wall between two rooms creating a stunning and dramatic boundary.

7. Long Slim Aquarium Style

If you are limited in space and looking for simplicity, try a long but slim aquarium which fits across the top of an existing wall, to add elegance and sophistication to a room.

8. Fill The Alcove With An Aquarium

If you have a large alcove space either in a room, or between the lounge and dining areas, then why not fill the space with a bright airy fish tank? It will look stunning while maintaining the light levels in the space.

9. Upgrade Your China Cabinet

If you have an old china cabinet taking up a wall, why not give it an upgrade by swapping out the center cupboards for an aquarium? The cabinet surround will make a great frame for the aquarium, creating a beautiful room focal point.

10. Match Your Fish Tank With Art

For a modern yet creative feel, how about creating an aquarium on one side of your living room, matched by beautiful paintings on the opposite wall – real life and still life in perfect harmony!

11. Make Your Fish Part Of The Furniture

Instead of creating a separate aquarium, make it part of the furniture with a fish tank coffee table as a centerpiece, or a fish tank as the arch between two rooms so you are literally walking under the fish as you go from room to room.

Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, whether you want to create a complete wall of fish to stunning effect, or simply fit a small fish bowl on a table next to your television there is no living room too small to include its own fish tank.

If you are planning to decorate the perhaps think about having a fish tank installed within a wall so that it sits flush, takes up no space and becomes a dramatic part of the room – as long as you make sure you can access the tank for maintenance purposes.

A fish tank brings life, colour and movement to a living room so whatever your style or taste, there is sure to be a tank to match.



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