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7 Chic Nose Piercing Styles and How to Own It

In modern day, many nose piercings have seemingly become associated with punk, alternative, and Bohemian culture. With their diverse origins and fascinating aesthetics, not only do nose piercings entail commitment and lenience for pain, but their meaning can run more deep than what meets the eye.

nose piercing types

With the intensifying fame of septum piercings, you may be questioning exactly how many diverse styles of nose piercings there are. In truth, piercing culture is immense, but there are some uncomplicated classes from which most widespread nose piercings branch.

Nose piercings, when done skillfully and cared for appropriately can allow beautiful jewelry to be worn and enjoyed for many years. Any jewelry worn in the nose is referred to a nose ring. They are available in several different varieties which allow you to choose the ring most comfortable and stylish for you. Here are seven current types of nose piercings, and some of the basic jewelry types that can be worn with them.


The nasallang is pretty forceful, though externally, it may not seem to be. In fact, to most onlookers, the nasallang appears to be pretty much the same as two uniformly positioned nostril piercings. The nasallang, however, is a tri-nasal piercing, piercing low on both nostrils as well as the septum.

In most circumstances, this piercing is done all at once with one needle and is intended to be worn with a straight barbell, comparable to an industrial cartilage piercing in the ear.


A blend between an evaluated septum and partial of a vertical tip, the septril looks to be a slightly delicate piercing outwardly. Internally, though, the procedure takes years of dedication to accomplish. The gauging of a septum is time-intensive training and can be pretty painful, depending on the location and structure of your unique septal cartilage.

When it comes to septril piercing trinkets, many individuals wearing this type of piercing will select a tiny, bent barbell or flat back stud for the septril hole, and an eyelet, plug or tunnel for the strained septum.

Vertical Tip

This unique and relatively rare nose piercing runs vertically, as the name would imply, from directly above the end of the nose to just below the tip of the nose. Due to the structure of your nose, a curved barbell is the only acceptable jewelery for this type of piercing.


Bridge piercings are pretty rad. Officially categorized as an external piercing, they do not puncture cartilage or bone. That being understood, as they are external piercings, they are more vulnerable to migration, which is a development in which your body thrusts a piercing nearer to the skin’s surface — permanently healing it away. If this occurs, you’ll want your piercer to remove the jewelry and allow the hole to close.

Jewelry that can be worn with bridge piercings includes curved barbells and circular barbells (but curved barbells are ideal). Straight barbells can increase the chances of migration.


Septum piercings are the superstars of the nose piercing family right now. They’re flexible, can be overturned effortlessly out of sight (with the use of a horseshoe), and can even be measured. However, septum piercings are not consistently easy to achieve. Although this type of piercing is common and most piercers have abundant experience with them, it would still take some maneuvering to get to the piercing and a solid knowledge of where septal cartilage begins and ends.

You can adorn your septum piercing with circular barbells, captive bead rings, and if you’re dedicated, gauges.

High Nostril

A variation on the nostril piercing, the upper nostril is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a bit more distinctive and can be an excellent way to combine or layer nose piercings for a more outstanding effect. Due to the position of the piercing, the jewelry choice for this hole becomes somewhat limited.

High nostril piercings are most appropriately matched to studs, nostril screws, and L-shaped pins, or variants on those styles of jewellery, and are not well suited to rings and hoops. They are problematic to reach, and for that reason can be tough to pierce, so you’ll want a piercer who has particular experience with this sort of nose piercing.


Arguably the most old-fashioned and common nose piercing is the nostril piercing. This type of piercing is generally positioned above the crease where the nostril bends gently away from the cheek (although position does vary by person, dependent on nerve structure, nose structure, and aesthetic charm). Nostril piercings consist of a sole hole and can be done on whichever side of the nose.

Nostril piercings are arguably the most uncomplicated nose piercing and have the broadest range of jewelry potential. Due to the fact that the nostril piercing is positioned in an easily reachable location, they permit the attachment of studs, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, nose rings, circular barbells (frequently known as horseshoes), and captive ball rings. The gauge of your jewelry will vary depending on your end goal, but most nostril piercings begin at an 18 or 20 gauge.

Things You Must Know Before Nose Piercing

Go to A Reputed Clinic / Studio : Never get tempted by cheap deals, do your research and find a good studio to get your piercing done by skilled professionals.

Be Sure Of What You Want: Google all the various options that you can choose from, consult a professional and then settle for a particular style. Do not try to experiment.

Educate Yourself About the Aftercare Regime : The piercing will leave you with pain and a minor wound which will need to be taken care of. You’ll need to ensure that you ask your piercing professional questions like how long does it take for a nose piercing to heal and what are the aftercare procedures?

And finally last but not the least “Do Not Try It At Home


If you’re in a research stage and contemplating whether to get your nose pierced, this article will help you decide what style would be best suited to your fashion preference. It is for the fact that nose piercings require dedication and a tolerance for pain. However, if done and maintained correctly, a nose piercing could become the linchpin of your kind of fashion statement.



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