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Big Basket User Review | Is It Worth Buying Grocery Online

big basket review

My review today is for Big basket, the online grocery store. I am sharing my hands on experience of buying grocery from the biggest retailer of Grocery online. This Bigbasket website review will be useful for those who are curious to shop groceries online and at the same time are in dilemma.

Online shopping is the new normal. Be it fashion, furniture, food or grocery, anything and everything is now available online. I have been shopping online for many years now, the only segment that remained untapped by me till six months back was grocery shopping. It was majorly because I was always skeptical about the quality of the products I will receive. There is this one website that remains undisputed champion till date as far as grocery is concerned. Yes I am talking about BigBasket(dot)com it is my favorite place to shop for groceries just like Aplava is for organic skincare and makeup products.. My encounter with Big basket started when I was put to bed rest for some medical condition. Now my shopping spree was limited to online stores for all my need, this included vegetable and fruit as well. The only name that came into my mind was Big Basket (all thanks to their ad campaigns and their star endorser SRK), Its been a while now that I have been shopping groceries, cereals, skin care, toiletries etc. on Big Basket App and this is probably the best time for me to share Big Basket Website Review from a user / buyer’s perspective.

big basket user review

So how do I feel about the website and what is my experience of  shopping on Big Basket ?

To make this Big Basket User review precise and on point, I will talk about 2 things only

What I Like About Big Basket

What I Don’t Like About shopping From Big Basket. com

What I Like About It  My big basket User Review

Ease of Browsing and Preparing The Cart

If you have your shopping list ready, then browsing the products and adding them to your cart is a cakewalk. You can adjust the quantity on the same window, there is absolutely no need to to go the separate product page.

All the items are categorized very well and the entire structure is very good, all you need to do is choose the category and find the product you are looking for and keep on adding to the basket.

Veggies, fruit, meat and poultry are all supplied from the shops in your locality and thus its transit time is less and the products don’t have to travel for a longer time. For meat and poultry you may also choose the seller, it is quite possible that you will see meat and poultry listed from your know vendor.

Payment Options

You will find an array of payment options on checkout including :

Online Wallets

Debit / Credit Card

Internet banking

Cash / card on delivery etc.

Delivery Options

Express Delivery : As quick as within 90 minutes.

Standard delivery : Mostly done next day

Availability of Exotic Vegetables and Fruits

Exotic vegetables and fruit like Zucchini, Apricot, Avocado, Dragon fruit etc. are some items that you dont get easily in the local market, such items can be ordered easily from Big Basket.

Shop Instantly for Any Special Recipe : If you decide to make any dish from other cuisines, it is quite likely that you don’t have all the ingredients in your pantry. For instance if you choose to make Pesto pasta you will need fresh Basil, pine nut and Parmesan Cheese. These ingredients are not a staple of an Indian Pantry and thus you may find the need of buying it. But would you always be in a mood to dress-up and step out of your house to get the ingredients. Probably not,  and actually you don’t really need to as you can just login to the bigbasket app and get everything you need sitting at home.

Offers At Bigbasket

They float a lot of lucrative offers that will grab your attention, like discounts, cashbacks, coupons etc.

What I Did Not Like About Big Basket

  • To be true there are not too many cons that I could figure but a thing or two that bugs me is the issue I face while checking out is that big basket usually splits the shipment into two based on the availability time slots. When the shipment splits into two you need to pay for both the delivery options.
  • Another thing that appears a bit strange to me is that you have to pay more for standard delivery what appears in my app is Rs. 30.00 for express delivery and Rs. 50.00 for standard delivery.
  • Some fresh items like curry leaves and coriander come in large quantities like 250 grams,  which usually is not required and storing it for too long is not worth packages of 50 grams will be a better option.
  • Although there is card on delivery option available, but many a times it happens that the delivery person does not carry the card machine, and to top that it has also happened quite a few times with me that they do not even have change.

Bottom Line

Taking a walk to the vegetable market is always the best mode of procuring you vegetables considering the physical activity aspect of it. But if for some reason grocery shopping becomes a hassle for you. Big basket .com is certainly what you can think of. You get all the vegetables, groceries, fruits, meat, poultry, toiletries everything sitting at the comfort of your home without worrying for the quality of the products as you get all your favorite brands that you pick from the supermarket.



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