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Is Intimate Bleaching Safe or Not : DIY and Other Options Available


More and many more people are trying bleaching creams to lighten  their skin tones. The application of bleaching creams are not restricted to the facial skin any more. Women today are wanting a lighter and brighter bikini line. But unfortunately bleaching the private parts isn’t as easy as bleaching your face. It is also an expensive treatment as compared to facial bleaching. Moreover “Is Intimate bleaching Safe or Not” is also a subject for debate 

Lightening the private parts is trendy these days, but in my personal opinion I don’t find this whole idea of bleaching the privates DIY or the other way and lightening them appealing in any way. Darker skin around your vagina, inner thighs or even anus for that matter is absolutely normal.

Thinking of bleaching your private parts you certainly must be a having a few obvious questions in your mind, let me try to answer a few of them.

Should I Try Bleaching My Private Parts Is it Safe ?

Well as I said it is not necessary at all having your privates bleached, there is nothing wrong with darker skin around privates as it is more common than you think.

Giving it a try is just a matter of personal choice but it should never be driven by emotions like inferiority complex and low confidence.

Is DIY the Best Way For Intimate Bleaching

There are numerous DIY videos and tutorials available online that focus on teaching you how to bleach your private parts at home. Now to be frank you never know how the DIY is going to turn out as every DIY is an experiment at first instance. It is always advisable to be extra cautious while trying any treatment on the skin around your privates as it is very soft and sensitive. If things don’t turn out as expected you shall find yourself in double trouble.

Bleaching your nether regions at home can be done by yourself using the bleaching products that are specifically designed for intimate areas, if you are going for intimate bleaching at home for the first time try to get a professional help in choosing the best product.

What Are The Options Available For Intimate Part Bleaching

Intimate Lightening Creams

You can buy these creams and use the at home following the instructions given with the product itself.

Things To Consider While Buying An Intimate Lightening Cream

The Ingredients : Researches have shown that many intimate lightening creams and serums contain harmful chemicals like Hydroquinone which is potentially harmful when applied excessively on skin. Read the Study about use of potential risk of Hydroquinone here. 

For naturally bleached privates buy products with natural ingredients to minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and reducing the risk of skin irritation.

Check for The Treatment Areas : Not all products can be applied on the nether regions, if you are buying bleaching cream for treating your intimate areas make sure you buy the right product. Facial Bleaching creams cannot be used for bleaching the private parts.

Check For The Directions To Use : If you are planning to go the DIY way, the directions for use is of prime significance for you. The directions should be very clearly mentioned so that you don’t land yourself in any trouble. Don’t forget, doing it yourself is risky.

Professional Bleaching : Pricey But Worth

You can avail professional services for bleaching your privates from Spa, Salon, Cosmetologists, Skin Clinics etc. The professional bleaching treatment will require several sittings and will normally be a lengthy process, but results will also stay as long as 6 months.

These treatments are expensive but definitely worth should you desperately need intimate lightening.

Laser Bleaching Of Intimate Areas

Many clinics are now offering laser lightening of intimate parts, even though it is the most sophisticated method but at the end of the day it has its own risk.  laser treatment can be quite painful and uncomfortable. In some cases itmay also leave burns and scars.

Is It Safe To bleach Your Private Parts

No matter what procedure you choose, every method has it own risk. As I said earlier having dark skin in the nether region is more common than you think and its normal. If there is a desperate need of intimate lightening going for it under professional supervision is your best option. Be it laser treatment, DIY creams or Spa/salon treatment the products you choose should be of very good quality and must not contain harmful chemicals. If you are still wondering if intimate bleaching is safe  or not, consult a professional clinic and you shall get the pros and cons of all the available procedures available. Google reviews of the products that you are finalizing to use.

Bottom Line

The trend of lightening the privates has grown in recent times however it is not a necessity and as said earlier it is absolutely normal to have darkened skin around privates. If one still chooses to bleach the private parts at home or in a clinic, the fact that it can be painful and it can irritate the skin cannot be ignored. Any approach for anal bleaching may impose health risk if not done correctly, thus professional supervision is always advised.



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