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Normal Delivery Vs. Cesarean What To Expect ?

vaginal vs cesarean delivery pro con

Are you Pregnant? If yes, then congratulations and I am sure you are wondering about the big day and the delivery of your baby. This is nothing new, every mom-to-be and her family members are concerned about the delivery and spend at least some time here and there discussing if it is going to be a normal delivery aka natural birth or Cesarean delivery. As a mother you want everything best for your baby and it is quite normal to wonder what will be best process for bringing your little one into this world. Now I am not a doctor who can give you  a deeper insight on biological implication of both the processes, but I can surely share with you, all that I know about it.

vaginal vs cesarean delivery pro con

About Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is a natural way of giving birth. It is also called natural birth or vaginal birth. In normal delivery, both your body and baby prepares for the labor, on the onset of the labor pain you are taken to the hospital and if everything seems fine to the doctors you will deliver the baby. It is a natural process and everything will happen naturally, there is no surgery required and thus it takes less time for you to recover from a vaginal delivery. If the baby too big then a small incision may be required which is stitched after delivery.

Owing to the low risk associated with natural delivery and also the fact that the recovery process is faster, a lot of women hope for a normal delivery. But there are some women who are scared of the intense pain that you go through a normal delivery and thus they prefer a C-section delivery.

After Effect Of Normal Delivery

The recovery happens faster and thus you can expect to get back to your normal life sooner.

If there was any incision your sexual life may get a little disturbed for some time.

Some women feel that their Vagina has become slightly loose post delivery, and they start looking for natural ways to tighten vagina.

On contrary to the common belief that vaginal birth will make your vagina loose, the truth is that the vagina has enough elasticity to get back to its previous tightness, not completely but to a greater extent. Slight looseness is what you should expect and if you feel that you need to narrow it down a bit start by choosing home remedies for naturally tight vagina.

In some women problem of incontinence may develop post delivery.

You cannot schedule a normal delivery.

About Cesarean Delivery

Every pregnancy has its own journey and possibility of Cesarean delivery cannot be ruled out for any pregnancy. Although C-section is more often seen under grey light due to complications that may arise during the surgery, but it is a fact that C-Section has saved many babies in emergency scenario.

A Cesarean delivery involves a surgical incision made in the uterus, for bringing the out in the light of this world. Since C-Section is a surgical procedure complications like excessive blood loss can be expected to arise.

According to a study prevalence of non-elective C-Section deliver is higher in women who are obese, in simpler words obese women are at a higher risk of having a C-Section delivery.

Tips to Recover From Cesarean Delivery

I had a C-section delivery and there are a few advises that came my way every now and then and yes, you must follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

You will be encouraged to walk within 2 days of your C-section, I was told it helps in preventing blood clots.

Starting from clear liquid diet, you should be able to shift to normal diet within 4-5 days of Cesarean

Take enough rest and always keep proper back rest while nursing your baby, this helps in reducing backaches in future.

You will be prescribed some medication, take them as per schedule without missing even a single dose

Take care of the stitches,  don’t wet them as it may catch infection. It is a wound after all and you need to provide a better environment for it to heal faster

After Effect Of Cesarean Delivery

Recovery time for C-section delivery is longer as compared to normal delivery.

Getting back to normal routine will be delayed.

You need to stay longer in the hospital post C-section

And finally the one that I personally feel is quite disheartening is the inability to hold your bundle of joy in your hands. Once the procedure in completed you will be shivering for a few hours, even if the baby is given to you, you will find that your hands are not steady enough to embrace your baby.



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