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4 Simple Ways To Be A Stunning Mother Of The Bride In 2019

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mother of bride style tips

As the mother of the bride, you will be receiving a lot of attention on your daughter’s wedding day, and you will no doubt want to make sure you look on-trend as well as breathtaking!  There are classic fashion rules that won’t change for a mother of the bride: don’t dress to steal attention, choose elegant over flashy, and don’t wear white.

In 2019, these classic rules remain the same; however, there are of course ways to make sure following them doesn’t leave you looking old-fashioned!

mother of bride style tips

Sophisticated Sensuality

Off-the-shoulder styles are one of the simplest ways to achieve a youthful, yet, elegant look for mother of the bride dresses. You don’t have to think too hard about whether this is sophisticated – remember Megan Markle’s wedding dress?

Showing off shoulders and gorgeous collarbones while covering the décolletage area is the reason this style manages to strike that delicate balance between sexy and chic so well. It also works for many different types of materials and designs, so you’re bound to find off-the-shoulder mother of the bride dresses that work for you!

Alluring Asymmetry

Asymmetrical or high-low hemlines are an absolutely stunning design for 2019 mother of the bride dresses. Although the big day is all about the bride and groom, if you have gorgeous legs, there is nothing wrong with you showing them off a little!

Asymmetrical dresses give you the ability to draw attention to one of your best assets, but in a way that doesn’t look cheap or showy. The gown is still long in the back, and many designs will only bring the front lift to knee level rather than above it. These sorts of styles will give you the look of a confident, cultured movie star about the walk the red carpet.

Captivating Capes

Capes and long shawls are very on-trend for 2019 mother of the bride dresses for a few good reasons. Firstly, one of the most popular reasons is they are an elegant way to complete or add more embellishment to a simple style of dress.

The other popular motive is they are very easily customized to suit a variety of requirements. They can be made from thick or thin fabrics depending on the climate and location of the wedding. They can be short or long, so there will be a style that suits any height or body type.

Graceful Gold

Gold mother of the bride dresses exude an incomparable, elegant sophistication. Even though gold tends to be quite a neutral tone, it is precisely this quality that makes it stunning on many women, as the focus becomes the wearer, not the dress.

If you want an even more neutral tone for gold mother of the bride dresses, you can try gowns in champagne tones, which are a bit more muted. Either way, gold mother of the bride dresses are very trendy for 2019 weddings, and your look is sure to be a hit!




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