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The Best Abdominal Belt To Wear After C-section / Normal Delivery in India 2023 List

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post pregnancy belt lose belly fat

Choosing the best abdominal belt after delivery be it C-section or normal delivery is the first step towards getting closer to your pre pregnancy shape. It is not just the pregnancy term that a new mum finds to be challenging, the post pregnancy phase is also equally challenging. The uterus and the skin expands during pregnancy to accommodate the baby, and once the baby comes out everything goes back to normal? Does It ? Nope nothing of that sort happens, many women struggle to get their pre-pregnancy body but in most of the cases that does not happen, or say does not happen as easily as said. However traditional methods like tummy binding are used since ancient time to tighten the relaxed abdominal muscle. Today post pregnancy belts or best maternity belt after delivery  and post partum girdles are used to reduce the tummy after delivery.

To know more about Tummy Binding for Losing Belly Fat this post may help.

It may be difficult for one to choose the right belt as these after delivery belts come in a wide range and in different types.

Post Pregnancy Belts After C-Section / Normal Delivery

Post pregnancy comes with complications and the abdomen, hips, belly and the internal organs need a support to be in place. Also, nowadays getting in shape and staying fit is in trend which definitely lists more merits than demerits. One can keep away from multiple diseases and also look great by following this trend.

As the obvious option of exercising or workout in the gym becomes a bit hectic for women with baby bumps, the post-maternity ab belts are here to help. These abdominal belts not only would be a way of getting rid of belly fat with minimal efforts but also help in keeping the belly muscles and organs in place and supporting the abdomen and hip. Along with these functionalities, these belt helps with a few medical issues like back pain, body posture etc. too.

Types of Abdominal Belts To Wear After Delivery Available in India

The post maternity ab belts, are also known as Post Pregnancy Girdles come in different types based on the design and material of the belt.

However post pregnancy belts are nothing new to the world since tummy binding is an age old method of tucking the sagging abdominal muscles back, but you still need to consult your doctor before wearing and choosing one.

Pull Up Belts

This type of abdominal belt is just like a shapewear or underwear that you need to wear from your feet and pull it up. It should have a high waisted coverage to cover the sagging muscles of the abs.
These are very easy and comfortable to wear, all you need to be careful about buying this type of belt is the material. The portion that will come around the thighs should be soft so that it does not not scratch your skin.

Wrap Around Abdominal Belt

As the name suggests, a wrap type tummy binder is a belt that can be easily wrapped around the waist. the most commonly used mechanism for closure is the hook and loop closure. This type of belt is the most common amongst the all and it comes in wide variety ranging from economic to the pricey ones.

Corset Type Ab Belt

A corset is basically something that sticks the body and takes the shape of the body. A corset belt is supposedly more effective than the wrap type ab belt.
If your post pregnancy belly bulge is huge, a corset belt will be the ideal one for you. A corset belt is designed anatomically and will offer the best fit with compression and coverage.

Post Pregnancy Belly Belt With Zip

Belts provided with a zip falls under his category. This zip can be either located on the front section or on the sides. One should choose the belt according to the ease of wearing, that is, a front zipper belt will be easier to put on than a side zipper one.

2 Piece and 3 Piece Belts

These belts come in a set of 2 or 3 belts. Each belts target different section of the Abdomen, the belts to be worn on the upper and lower section of the abdomen are narrow and the belt that is to be worn on the mid abdomen is broad. These belts sometimes may seen clumsy but if worn and carried properly they can certainly provide good compression to the sagging abdominal muscles.

What To See Before Buying Your Best Abdominal Belt After Delivery


This is the most important thing that a post pregnancy belt must have. As the belt requires to be worn for longer period it is very important that it should provide good comfort. Especially if you have had a C-section delivery, as some belts may cause itching with their hard outer border.

The Material

A high quality breathable material with decent elasticity is what makes and idea abdominal belt. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the quality of the product, a belt constructed with medical grade material is something you can vouch upon.

Easy To Wear and Carry

The belt should be easy to wear preferably one should be able to wear the belt without anyone’s support. As earlier said, the post pregnancy belts are worn for longer duration at one time, it has to be easy to carry especially when you are outdoors.


Define your need and choose the belt that best fits in your budget. Do not hunt for the cheapest belt and do not fall for the glorified pricey ones.

8 Best Abdominal Belts To Wear After C-Section / Normal Delivery In India

The biggest dilemma in orthopedic and maternity support range is the number of brands emerging and disappearing every now and then.

The buyer is usually confused as to which brand to choose as there are a huge number of brands selling post pregnancy Ab belt, both online and offline. To put it simple and straight, just go for indigenous brands that are manufacturing the belts for several years now.

Here is a comprehensive list of post pregnancy belts to choose from

1) Wonder Care Elastic Abdominal Belt Maternity Tummy Trimmer for Weight Loss


  • Light weight and thin construction
  • Can be used for C-section recovery as well as for normal delivery
  • It is a breathable waist binder that is used for tightening the abdominal muscles
  • Extra porous webbing improves ventilation and comfort
  • Broad hook and loop tape panel offers better holding and size adjust-ability
  • Optimal compression, tones up abdominal muscles after delivery
  • This belt does not roll over while sitting or bending

Sizes Available

Measure Your Waist Circumference

  • 28-31″ SMALL
  • 32-35″ MEDIUM
  • 36-39″ LARGE
  • 40-43″XL
  • 44-48″XXL


2) Orthowala Abdominal/Tummy Belt/Abdominal binder -Premium Range -Soft Elastic


  • It is a compression belt used as a postoperative aid, post pregnancy waistline reduction
  • Used to support the abdomen and compress the abdominal muscles
  • It has strong & porous elastic webbing which ensures good compression as well as improves ventilation and comfort

Available in Sizes

28-32″ SMALL

32-36″ MEDIUM


40-44″ XL




3) Mee Mee Post Natal Magnetic Maternity Support Corset Belt

Features :

  • Made of 100 percent premium quality breathable cotton for superior comfort
  • Adjustable belt for women of all body shapes and sizes
  • Helps to tone body flab gradually and regain your curves
  • Designed to be worn discreetly under apparel for enhanced convenience
  • Comfortable, soft and non- irritating on your skin

Available In Sizes






Color : Beige and Pink


4) Aaram Abdominal Belt

  • Made up of rubberized elastic and helps to reduce the waistline by compression
  • This belt bind and heals the vertical and horizontal abdominal surgical incisions
  • This can be used as a post operative, post pregnancy and post abdominal surgery support equipment
  • This belt can be comfortably worn under clothing and will not irritate your skin
  • Made up of Cloth thus it is skin friendly

Available Sizes

28″-32″ SMALL

32″-36″ MEDIUM

36″-40″ LARGE

40″-44″ XL


5) Farlin Breathable Postnatal Reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt


  • Breathable, free stretching, lightweight and adjustable for more comfort.
  • It is comfortable; convenient and lightweight material makes it easy to wear discreetly under clothing and can be used by both men and women.
  • Farlin waist girdle is made from high-quality natural rubber and 100% Dacron. It offers Support to back and core muscles along with toning them and helps minimize stretch marks.

Available Sizes




6) Schneider Orthopaedic Gynaec Belt


  • This belt is certainly worth trying. It comes in an anatomical design and is supported with fiber strips that prevent the belt from rolling over while in use.
  • It has an ergonomic design that covers the lower abdomen as well. In belts with a straight design coverage of lower abs can be a little bit of an issue.
  • It has Hook and loop closure for easy application of the belt
  • It constructed with high grade breathable elastic, thus it allows ventilation and prevents skin irritation.

Available Sizes

28″-31″ SMALL

32″-34″ MEDIUM

35″-38″ LARGE

39″43″ XL

44″-48″ XXL


7) Samson Orthotics AB-Core Feather Light Fit

Ideal for Better Mobility, Skin Friendly and Non-Allergic 4D Stretch Fabric Abdominal Corset

  • Samson’s Abdominal Corset (AB-Core) is made from Fabric with 4D Stretch for better comfort. It boasts of Feather Light Fit for better mobility.
  • Skin Friendly and Non Allergic Product.
  • Abdominal Corset is a compression garment that supports weak abdominal muscles and quickly reduces the measurement.
  • This helps improve muscle tone & gain strength. External pressure improves the functioning of the lymph and venous circulation, thus reducing and minimizing the accumulation of inter cellular extraneous material and excess fat.
  • Contents: Cotton & Spandex.


8) Aaram Gynaec Belt

Unlike the other belts, Araam Gynaec Belt has a cloth made front panel. Most of the after delivery belts available India are constructed with rubberized material , elastic or neoprene. But this abdominal binder has a front panel which is made up of cloth, so if you don’t want to go with a fully elastic belt you can easily settle with this belt.

  • Can be used as a post operative, post pregnancy and post abdominal surgery support.
  • Works by way of compression.
  • Binds and heals vertical and horizontal abdominal surgical incisions.
  • Made from Rubberized elastic and cloth.


This was an honest review of Post Pregnancy Belts available in India.

Your Takeaway ( Conclusion)

After delivery, reducing tummy pouch is one of the biggest concerns among women, it is 2022 and everything is available online so you can search, compare, choose and buy an abdominal belt to wear after c-section or normal delivery at the comfort of your home. Wear a post pregnancy belt that is good in quality, do not go by price but by the comfort and quality of the tummy binder. Do not forget to get a green signal from your Gynaecologist before using any post pregnancy belt.



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