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7 Natural Remedies For Heartburn and Indigestion That Work Wonders

hearburn indigestion relief

We all love treating ourselves to colorful platters. Burgers, fries, and many more crunchy, delightful foods seem to be made exclusively for your soul. But even the most excellent foods can result in bad gastric pain. In severe cases, strong consideration of the gastritis is important in understanding the underlying cause. Everybody experiences a distressed stomach and/or heartburn, or heartburn, from time to time after drinking and eating. This uneasiness, however, calls for little worry if treated with a timely-remedy. This is possible with home remedies for heartburn and indigestion that have proven to give you a soothing effect effectively.

Common Symptoms of a Distressed Stomach and Indigestion Include:

  • Heartburn, or acid reflux
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling
  • The feeling of fullness and loss of appetite
  • Burping, occasionally bringing up unpleasant or foul-tasting food and fluid
  • Bloating (full sense)
  • Excessive gas (belching, burping or flatulence)
  • Acidic taste in the mouth
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Black Stools
  • Trouble Swallowing

The symptoms could vary in severity, which could require medical attention. However, many natural remedies for indigestion work effectively too.

Try these popular natural home remedies for indigestion and an upset stomach

  1. Baking soda.

Take a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve it with water in a bowl and drink this. Make sure you mix it properly. Baking soda will fundamentally nullify the acids in your stomach that produce heartburn and will temporarily lessen the symptoms.

  1. Water:

Though few of the beverages can help treat gastritis, they have a higher risk when it comes to regulating acid reflux. In fact, it could worsen the condition. Our body requires water to absorb nutrients from foods and digest it efficiently. When you are dehydrated, it could create digestive problems, slow down the process, which upsurges the probability of a distressed stomach.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Consuming peppermint essential oil or drinking peppermint tea or even chewing on peppermint leaves consistently can efficiently give you relief in the natural cure of long-lasting indigestion. Mint is a calming and soothing herb that could help you in reducing heartburn. The smell and flavor of vital peppermint oil soothe the discomfort of heartburn and relieve gastritis problems.

  1. Ginger Tea

Ginger calms the stomach and aids in lessening the production of stomach acid. Ginger tea is free of caffeine. You can have ginger tea, and if you feel it’s bitter, you can add a little honey as a sweetener, which is the most excellent method to have ginger tea if you are suffering from reflux. Avoid Ginger ale as it is fizzy and might have caffeine. Small doses of ginger may let go of stomach irritation and could lessen stomach inflammation.

  1. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds are well-known for their anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that release you from an upset stomach or heartburn, further enhancing your digestive process. Take a few coriander seeds mixed with water for seven days or more, and you will see a big difference.

  1. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain oil compounds such as estragole and fenchone that are accountable for stopping or eliminating the gas from the stomach. These unstable oils even aid to improve the making of digestive juices, instigating a smooth gastric procedure. It also contains antispasmodic. You could drink, chew fennel with water or drink fennel tea.

  1. Zero” Oily Foods

Few of the foods are not easy to digest as compared to others, which further raises the risk of poor digestion, and resulting in heartburn. It is mandatory to avoid certain foods like:

  • Fried or fatty
  • Rich or creamy
  • Salty or preserved

Try These Lifestyle Changes and Home-Based Care For Indigestion and Heartburn

Medicine is not the only cure for indigestion. You can recover from ingestion and release painful symptoms with simple alterations, like the ones mentioned below:

  • Break down your meals to 6 small meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid hot, fatty foods that can activate indigestion.
  • Eating slowly would surely help and don’t lye down after eating.
  • Avoid smoking and sodas.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Lose extra body weight.
  • Limit fried and oily foods.
  • Lessen the quantity of coffee, soft drinks, and liquor that you consume.
  • Get good rest.
  • Stop taking tablets that interfere with the abdominal lining.
  • Reduce your anxiety by joining yoga classes or enroll in a relaxation treatment.


Poor digestion is a day-to-day concern. However, disregarding its first signs could be folly. You mustn’t disregard heartburn that’s recurring and is intense, or that does not seem to heal despite taking over-the-counter medications. Meanwhile, you can get rid of indigestion, by trying these home remedies for the cure gastritis problems and get instant relief. However, if these natural remedies seem futile in managing stomach ache, seek medical attention.



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