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Things To Do To De-stresss With Simple Tools Instantly

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ways to destress instantly

Before you dig in to these simple ways and things to do to de-stress, let me tell you it is absolutely OK if you have moderated stress. In this frenetic modern era avoiding stress is next to impossible. Whether you are working or stay-at-home, stress won’t spare anyone. However you will be amazed to know that moderate levels of stress are still not considered bad. Infact, modern researchers are probing the upside of moderated stress, and how it can help the person by using the sudden boost of energy you get when stress hits you.
Stress can be good in small degree as it can stimulate us, but when it becomes excessive it starts showing all the harmful effects in the body. Prolonged and chronic stressful conditions play havoc with our physical and emotional health. Those suffering from chronic stress become vulnerable to High Blood Pressure, heart disease and depression. Failing to cope with stress may lead to depression and dealing with depression is again a tough challenge. This is where many people including celebrities, succumb.
The quest here is not about avoiding stress, it’s actually about dealing with it and taking control over it. The utmost priority in such a scenario should be barring stress from wrecking your physical and emotional wellbeing.
You lose the battle with stress when you stop fighting it even worse you start living with it. Here are some very relaxing stress busters that can be done even on a busy day.

5 Awesome ways to de-tress yourself Instantly

ways to destress instantly

1. Squeeze a Squishy Stress Ball

Stress balls are a great way to relive stress, no wonder they are sold in huge numbers and companies are minting out of it. The theory behind stress ball suggests that, when you are continuously squeezing a squishy ball you are actually redirecting the stress and anxiety to the ball and thus soothing and relaxing the tension. For better results try rhythmic squeezing i.e breathing in and squeezing, breathing out and unclenching the stress ball.



2. Visualize

Using visualization is another technique that helps you relax and de-stress. Create an imaginary refuge where you can escape from stress anytime you feel the stress levels rising. Think of you lying on a beach, doing things that you always wanted to do. Your imaginary abode is yours and has everything that can give happiness and joy to you. Try doing this even when you are not stressed so that you become familiar to your imaginary refuge. It will give you a feeling of relaxation and improve your mood.

3. Let it loose on the Floor and Dance

For this you don’t need a partner, no occasions or locations are required, two right legs are more than OK. All you need is the privacy of your room and your favorite music. Dancing has the power to improve moods. When you dance the stress hormone levels are lowered. Researches show that dancing can relieve and reduce stress. Dancing is also a form of physical workout, and like any other physical workout dancing also puts the stress hormones to ‘flight or fight’ mode.

4. Pray

Prayer has magical powers, and it really works. Sit in your room, close the door and pray to God. Prayer is a conversation with God and while praying you have the opportunity to speak out about all those things that are worrying you. You may even experience an emotional breakdown which is quite normal. Once the emotional wave ebbs down you will experience a soothing serenity within you.

5. Go Online

This may sound weird, but it is effective. Atleast for the time being you will be pulled out of the prevailing gloom. Social media can help you connect with your friends ( although there is nothing like meeting friends in person). You can play games online, chat with your friends, watch videos, find a date, trust me, there are numerous things that can be done online to beat the blues. The idea here is changing the environment and putting yourself into a difference situation all together.

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Some Important Tips To De-stress

  • The de-stressing activity should be simple. If it demands a lot of time and requires you to empty your pocket, you will feel burdened and the stress busting attempt will fail. For eg. Going for a vacation is a good idea for de-stressing yourself, but if it goes beyond budget you will be doubly stressed once you return to your normal life.
  • It will be better if you choose activities that can be accommodated in your daily routine. If you work in busy schedules squeezing a stress ball should be your best bet.
  • No matter what happens. Do not let stress take control over your mind and body.



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