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How To Stay Protected From Corona Virus While Going Out

It has been almost 2 months of lockdown While it is still safe to stay in the house as the Covid19 is still very much here, for some it is a necessity to go out. According to the current graph it is still going to be here for sometime now and we have to learn to adjust with it. So how do we protect ourselves from Corona Virus while going out. There is no foolproof way to save yourself from the virus, but we have been given a guideline by WHO, following which shall reduce the chances of catching Covid19.

  • Wear a Mask : Always wear a mask and avoid touching your mask. Do not take it out repeatedly. Once you wear it and leave the house, let it be on and just forget about it. If there is a need to adjust, touch it from behind your ear.

  • Carry your own hand sanitizer: The hand sanitizer should be alcohol based. Rub it on your hands nicely whenever you touch anything while you are out. Things like your car door, bikes handle, the railing of staircases, gates, door knobs, lift buttons are all hot spots of contamination. After touching any of these sanitize your hand thoroughly.

  • Maintain safe Distance: When you are in a crowded place or even meeting a single person you both must be standing atleast 3 feet away from each other. This is very important because if either of you sneeze or cough the droplets does not affect the other.

  • Respiratory Hygiene: Cover your nose / mouth while sneezing / coughing. Wash/sanitize your hands immediately after sneezing/coughing.

  • Avoid Eating Outside : Although the lockdown has been relaxed a bit, but that does not mean the virus has disappeared and you are back to normalcy. Keeping this in mind avoid eating anything outside.

  • Have a Bath: After coming back home, stay away from your family members and immediately have a bath/wash. Wash your clothes and mask too. Sanitize the door handles/knobs, keys etc. that you may have touched.

Looking into the need of people resuming their work, government has given some relaxation in lockdown. But we have to remember that stopping and preventing the spread of the virus is the only weapon we have against Coronavirus. As of now we have no medicine and no vaccine officially confirmed by the authorities. So the major role is played by us the people, we can restrict the virus from travelling, one person to the other.

Boost Immunity: Immune system is you body’s defense mechanism. Eating healthy balanced diet helps in keeping immune system strong. Certain immunity boosting food items can be incorporated in the diet to strengthen the immunity. For eg. Turmeric, Ginger, berries etc.

Go out only if it a necessity. Follow all the precautionary measures given by WHO. It is quite possible that one day we will have medication to cure coronavirus and even vaccine to prevent it, untill then our aim should be to restrict the virus brom spreading and minimizing the size of damage (interms of lives lost) caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

Read WHO advice here.



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