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Your Body Smells Fishy : Fish Odor Syndrome TMAU

fishy body odor syndrome causes diet

Fishy Body Odor

It is a very rare metabolic disorder which can either be inherited or developed due to enzyme malfunction in your body. Having developed the symptoms of this weird disorder one starts emitting fishy smell from the body. This condition get even worse when the affected persons eats fish. This rate disorder is called “Fishy Body Odor Syndrome”, medically it is termed as “Trimethylaminuria”.

While the common body odor is an embarrassing condition and can be controlled and managed with several home remedies, natural ways to remove BO and even with commercial. OTC products, fishy body odor is a serious condition that needs both medical attention as well as dietary alterations. Smelling like a fish, it may sound a bit funny to hear but it is devastating for those who are affected with this condition. Personal, professional, social it affects every aspect of life. It can lead to mental problems like depression and can even force a normal person to become an absolute recluse.

Fish Odor Syndrome ( Trimethylaminuria ) Causes

fishy body odor syndrome causes diet

Fishy body odor is caused due to a condition called trimethylaminuria. It is a condition developed when the body fails to breakdown a fishy smelling compound trimethyamine into a non odorous compound Trimethyleaminoxide. This leads to a significant build up of trimethylamine in the body which get expelled through bodily fluids like Urine and Sweat. Besides this, Fishy odor syndrome can also be genetic.

In this condition one will experience a strong fishy smell from body. You may or may not notice that body smells like fish after eating fish in particular. 

How to Get Rid of Fish Odor Syndrome

There is not much information on natural remedies for Fish odor syndrome. But certainly there are studies that show that Activated Charcoal, supplements and certain antibiotics have been preferred in the the management of  Trimethylaminuria.

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Managing Fishy Odor Syndrome with Diet

  • It is believed that avoiding food that contains Trimethylamine can help in management of Fishy Odor Syndrome
  • Eliminating fish from the diet can also help in keeping the fishy smell in control
  • Avoid precursors of TMA like Lecithin in your daily diet. Precursors are the substances that can result in forming other substance.
  • Visiting a nutritionist / dietitian will help in everyday management of TMAU through proper diet program.
  • Most of the fruit and vegetable have negligible amount of choline, these fruits n veggies can be added to the daily diet.



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