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How To Make Sugandhi Utane At Home | Ingredients & Uses

sugandhi utane ingredients uses

Making Sugandhi Utne At Home – Recipe and Ingredients

Sugandhi Utne is a herbal bath powder that is prepared by mixing several herbs. It is used as ubtan while bathing. It makes the skin free of irritation, acne / pimples and leaves the skin youthful, supple, radiant and flawless.

Use of Sungandhi Utne

Sugandhi Utane -Recipe, Ingredients Uses
Sugandhi Utane -Recipe, Ingredients Uses

Sugandhi Utane or sugandhi Utne is the fragrant therapeutic herbal bath powder that is used in the tradition Royal bath ” Abhayang Snan”.

Abhayang Snan is a bathing ritual performed early morning on Narak Chaturdashi. This ritual includes a full body oil massage followed by a holy bath. In Indian state of Maharashtra a luxurious homemade herbal bath powder is used in place of soap. This fragrant homemade bath powder is called ” Sugandhi Utane”.

Traditionally used ingredients in making Sugandhi Utane

Masoor Dal Powder

Grind Red Lentils to make fine powder


You can use the regular gram flour that you may be having at home or buy Besan from any grocery / provision store

Turmeric Powder

Crush dried Turmeric root in a mortar and pestle and then grind to fine powder in a mixer grinder)

Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry Powder)

Buy from a trusted Ayurvedic shop as adulteration is a common problem in powdered herbs / jadi bootis. You can also buy from a good brand that sells online. Amla powder is rich in Vitamin C and has an important role to play in any homemade face / hair mask. Sugandhi utane is not an exception

Vacha Powder

Vacha is the Calamus Root in powdered form. It helps in keeping the skin pimples and acne free.

Anantmool Powder (White Sariva)

It has Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial properties. Anantmool Churna (powder) helps in dealing with several skin related problems.

Babchi Powder

It helps in reducing pigmentation and brightening the skin. It boost collagen in the skin and makes it even and plump. Babchi powder is derived from the seed of babchi plant.

Nagarmotha ( Nut Grass)

It is known for its fragrance and is thus used in incense making and perfumes. Adding this to the Sugandhi Utane will make the utane fragrant. It is said that the royal princesses used Nut grass in their bathing routine as it imparts glow to the skin and also prevented body odor. That is exactly what it does to your skin when added in the Sugarndhi Utane or any other homemade ubtan.

Rose Petal Powder

Rose petal powder is an anti-oxidant and a natural coolant. It helps in keeping away skin problems like eczema, irritation, acne etc. It is a natural coolant thus it is very soothing for skin .

Rose petal powder is also an essential ingredient of another traditional bath powder i.e Chiksa Powder. It is a herbal bridal Ubtan that a bride to be uses to get radiant flawless skin.

Jatamasi (Spikenard)

This Himalayan herb is an excellent cleanser. It is a wonderful remedy for those whose skin gets exposed to dirt and pollution daily. It fights the free radicals and prevent skin damage. Jatamasi also stimulates collagen production and helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin youthful and radiant. Its Sanskrit name is “Kantiprada” which means something that imparts radiance.

Jatamasi is also mentioned in The Holy Bible, the ointment that ‘Mary of Bethany’ used to anoint Jesus’s feet was made from spikenard or Jatamasi.

Kachur (White Turmeric Powder)

Imparts fragrance to the Sugandhi Utane.

Khas (Vetiver in English)

Vetiver root powder helps retain moisture in the skin thus preventing excessive dryness. It also maintain oil balance of the skin. It have soothing and calmin effect as well, thus it is use

How To Make The Traditional Luxury Herbal Bath Powder – Sugandhi Utne At Home

Ingredients For Sugandhi Utne

Red Lentil Powder – 4 tsp

Gram Flour – 4 tsp

Turmeric Powder 2 tsp

Babchi Powder – 2 tsp

Vetiver Root Powder – 2 tsp

Vacha Powder – 2 tsp

Amla Powder – 2 tsp

Nagarmotha Powder – 2 tsp

Kachur Powder – 2tsp

Anantmool Churna – 2 tsp

Jatamasi Power – 2 tsp

Rose Petal Powder – 2tsp

Method To Make the utne

Combine all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

Mix everything well

Sift the powder to remove coarse particles from the sugandhi utne.

Store in and air tight jar. Keep it away from moisture to increase the shelf life.



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