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Top 5 Things To Buy During Covid-19 Pandemic

what to buy during covid

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world completely. Normal has changed to new normal and this new normal has altered our shopping priority list as well.

Just like how new words like quarantine, self isolation,social distancing, community spread etc. have become a part of our routine vocabulary, some new products have made place for themselves in our routine life.

Interested to know what people have been buying the most during Covid-19 pandemic? Checkout this list .

what to buy during covid

Anti Pollution Face Mask

Face masks were a bikers thing until the pandemic. It has become the most essential protective gear anytime one is venturing outdoors. Suddenly the market is flooded with several types of face mask owing to the demand created by Covid-19.

There are various types of mask offering different levels of protection.

Some Important Things About Face Mask

  • Close Fitted Masks are better than the loose ones.
  • Masks with nose strip offer better protection
  • You must wash your face mask after each use
  • Before buying a masking a mask make sure you learn all the know hows of the mask. If the mask is meant for single use dispose it off after using it.
  • For longer duration, face masks with respiratory valve are a better option.

Types Of Face Masks Selling in India

C N95 Coatex Anti-Pollution Anti-Dust Face Mask with Respiratory Valve


From brand Kurtzy

Made from high quality Coatex Nano Shield Material. The mask is designed with adjustable blended nose to avoid leakage and to ensure perfect fit. Reusable CN95 Plus Protective mask is designed with particle filtration System, it prevents from Dust and Pollution

Cotton Unisex Reusable Cloth Face Mask


From Brand Mediweave

Made of 100% cotton, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable. Note that some masks have liquid ammonia finish, which give them a silky feel

GIORDANO Cotton Anti Pollution 6 Layer Reusable Outdoor Face Mask

This mask is made of 100% ultra-light weight cotton fabric, making it soft and comfortable to your face, can be used for the whole day for easy breathing.


2. Multi Vitamins

After some doctors especially on Youtube, shared that multivitamins and supplements can help in building / improving the immunity, people started hoarding Multivitamins. There is no doubt that Vitamin-C and Multivitamins are helpful in boosting the immunity, but it should always be taken after consulting a medical professional.

3. Hand Sanitizers

Sanitizers are effective in killing the virus and that’s why it is selling like hot cake. Sanitizer is used to kill the germs and sanitizing is one of the most essential protective measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

It is recommended to sanitize the surfaces that are most touched like door handles, lift buttons etc.

Some Important Things to Know About Using Sanitizers

  • Sanitize your hands after touching anything that has come from outside eg. home delivered packages, milk packets etc

  • Sanitize the door handles if you touch it after coming home from outside

  • Sanitizers with minimum 70% of alcohol content are considered to be effective in killing the virus.

  • Sanitizers should be a second choice if you have access to washing hands with soap and water. but if you are going outdoors, carrying your sanitizer is a must.

  • Sanitizers should be kept out of reach from children below six years of age. Children must use hand sanitizers under adult supervision

Sanitizers That Claim Above 70% Alcohol Content

Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 72% Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Company Claims its 72% alcohol based formula helps protect you and your family from illness causing germs and infections

SANITRON Hand Sanitizer with Pump – with 75% Isopropyl alcohol


Company claims

75% Pharma grade Alcohol Content. Pure Liquid No Gel.

Quick Self drying liquid form – no soap or water required after this use.

4. Pulse Oxymeter

With the contagious virus spreading rapidly, we are all trying our best to arm ourselves with everything that can help us to protect ourselves from this virus. Pulse Oximeter is another product that is flying off the shelves and is in high demand.

As we all know that Coronavirus can be asymptomatic i.e. a person who has already contracted the virus may not show any symptoms at all. This has lead to fear among people who are travelling daily to their respective work places. Many people are buying pulse oxymeter to check the oxygen level in the blood as depletion of oxygen from the blood is one of the symptoms of Covid-19.

With the help of this tiny rectangular device you can keep a track of blood oxygen levels. if you notice any abnormality in the saturation you can immediately seek medical help.

If you are going out of the house daily you need to follow the self care methods strictly to prevent yourself from catching the virus.

BPL Medical Technologies Finger-tip Pulse Oximeter Smartoxy Lite


Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm and Respiratory Rate






5. Kaadha

As of now i.e July 2020 there is no specific medicine and no vaccine for novel Covid-19. However both WHO and Ayush have mentioned in their guidelines that good immunity can help in preventing Corona Virus. Thus it is suggested that everyone should try to boost their immunity by proper diet and regular exercise.

Immunity boosters are a rage now. People are buying everything that comes their way to boost their immunity. From vitamin supplements to homeopathic medicine and golden milk. Nothing is left untried.

Ayurveda has always spoken about kaadha, i.e a decoction made with selective herbs and spices. Kadhaa is nothing new to us Indians, we have all heard of it since our childhood especially during cold weather.

Drinking kaadha can boost immunity and it is very simple and easy to make at home. Many patients who have recovered from Covid-19 have been talking about the importance of Kaadha and how consuming Kaadha helped them on their way to recovery from Covid-19.

Ministry of health has provided guidelines on preventive measures for Covid-19 and immunity boosting. Kadha is also mentioned in the self care measures.

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