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Benefits and Uses of Alum | Phitkari for Skin and Acne Removal

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benefits and uses of alum powder

Alum or Phitkari, is a naturally occurring transparent substance which is like salt. It is used in cooking, water purification as well as for several other medicinal purposes. Alum is found in different types for Eg. Potassium Alum or Potass. Using Alum for acne and pimple removal is very common home remedy. Other remedies includes using alum for water purification and as an after shave.
In Ayurveda, Alum (Phitkari) is used in several ways, it is called Sphatika Bhasma. Alum has properties that shrinks the cells to shrink and strips off excess oil from the skin making it effective for reducing the acne outbreak at the same time fading away the acne scars. The tightening property is the reason alum is also an ancient remedy for vaginal tightening.

Other Names of Alum

It is called Phitkari / Fitkari in Hindi. Potassium Aluminum sulphate in scientific language and Shubhra in Sanskrit. Tawas is also one name of alum. Source of Alum is Alunite.

How To Use Alum On Face For Acne Removal

How To Use Alum for acne Removal

  • Take Alum powder or crush a block of Alum into powder and mix this Alum powder with Multani Mitti. Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti is easily available online.
  • With the help of water make a thick paste and apply it on the face.
  • Both Multani Mitti and Phitkari i.e Alum have the ability to control excessive oiliness and cleanse the skin. If you have acne prone skin you can use this face pack thrice a week. Gradually your skin will become less oily, tight, clean and clear.
  • After applying for 2 weeks you will see that your skin is becoming dry, if it becomes too dry, you can just reduce the frequency of application of this homemade alum mask for acne.

Alum For Acne Scars

Alum is also used for lightening the spots and scars on face. Alum is used widely for acne, pimples, acne marks and acne scars.

Alum Powder Remedy

To fade away the acne scars with alum, mix 1 teaspoon of alum powder with water to make a paste. Apply this alum paste on acne scar. Wash it off with water when the mask dries.

Alum Face mask For Blackheads, Pimples and Acne

One of the most effective remedy using alum powder is for treating acne. Alum powder mixed with distilled water and applied on acne can cure the acne wonderfully. Using Alum powder for acne and pimples is an effective and inexpensive home remedy for reducing acne.

Alum has antibiotic properties, it is an excellent cleanser and a natural astringent. Thus is works effectively on skin by removing the dirt and oil from the pores as clogged pores cause acne and blackheads. Mix Alum powder in distilled water and make a fine paste. Apply this paste on face, let it dry and then rinse off with water. This very ordinary looking face mask, which has no fancy ingredients in it will make your skin so smooth and supple that will amaze you. This mask is wonderful way of using alum for acne and pimple reduction.

What Are The Uses and Benefits of Alum / Fitkari

Ayurveda, the ancient India Medicine System states several uses of Phitkari. It is called Sphatika bhasma (bhasma means pure ash) in Ayurveda

Alum For Pyria

Alum water swishing is believed to help in managing the problem of Pyria. Mix Alum powder in water and swish it in your mouth. The germ killing ability of Alum helps in reducing Pyria problem.

Alum As After Shave

Alum is antiseptic and cooling thus it is used as after shave. I have seen older generation in my family, dipping a block of Alum in water (to moisten it) and then rubbing it on the skin after shaving.

Alum For Water Purification

In olden day people used to dig wells to get water for their daily use. unlike the modern day wells that have cemented walls those wells were purely mud. The water used to be muddy and then a magic was added to the water and swish the next morning the water became absolutely clear. The magic here was alum, yes phitkari / Alum was added to water and all the mud particles would settle down leaving the water crystal clear.

You can try this experiment at home too, take 1 liter of muddy water and add 1/2 tsp of alum powder to it. Leave it overnight and check it the next morning. You will see the magic.

Alum Powder DIY Deodorant

If you have problem of body odor and you need something natural like a 100% natural deodorant. Mix Alum powder with little amount of Myrrh and store in airtight container. Apply this alum body deodorant on underarm after bath. Alum will prevent the growth of bacteria and myrrh imparts a lingering fragrance

Alum Mouth Rinse For Bad Breath

One study shows that a mouth rinse formulated with alum did reduce the foul breath and plaque. Alum oral rinse kills the bacteria in the mouth thus helping in reducing the bad breath.

Warm a glass of water and add alum powder, rinse your mouth with this water. Do not drink the water as it may cause nausea.

Alum For Smelly Feet

Make a foot bath with alum, warm water and few drops of lavender oil. Soak your feet in this foot bath everyday to get rid of smelly feet. Again the anti bacterial property of Alum will do the magic.

Alum powder for skin tightening

Alum is well know for its skin tightening property. Alum is a natural astringents thus applying alum on skin shrinks the cell and it also strips off the excess oil from the skin which makes it effective in skin tightening and treating acne scars. Alum is also used as a natural vag tightener since olden days.

Uses of Alum for Skin Care

Alum powder is an amazing skin brightening ingredients that can help you combat several skin problems. Applying Alum powder mask on face can help in fading away the acne scars and spots, it also reduces the appearance of blemishes. Applying Alum powder on face in the right way can leave you with smooth even toned skin. Here are some benefits of alum for skin/hair.

  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Tightens the skin
  • Removes unwanted hair
  • fights acne and pimples
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Works on sores and itchy skin
  • Removes tan

Important: Every individual is blessed with a different skin type, it is important to understand your skin type before using any home remedy. Taking a patch test is recommended in order to avoid reactions and rashes.



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