5 Effective Fun Stress Relieving Activities You can Do At Home

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Stress is taking over many minds, especially in these distressful times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have even succumb to the emotional turmoil. If you are reading this post you probably are experiencing stress in your day to day life. The good news here is that you are ready to drag yourself out of this bout of stress. and so you stumbled here. Here are a few Fun Stress Relieving Activities you can do at home. Activities like indulging in sensory play, doodling etc. can work wonders in relieving stress.

I will be sharing few fun stress relieving activities that will help you in battling stress without stepping out of your home. Before any remedy works, you need to understand what make you happy. Things that can keep you engaged for quite some time. The stress busting activities I am showing here are mostly loved by all.

At Home Stress Relief Activity #1

Cooking / Baking

The choice is yours, cook whatever you or your family likes. Cooking is an art and thus you can bring out your creativity in the dishes your prepare. You will experience an immense amount of joy when your family will start enjoying your food.

If you or your partner are fitness freaks, try some healthy recipes like protein rich recipes, low carb recipes, sugar free recipes etc. If you are following a certain diet you can try your hands on whipping up dishes that go well with your diet for instance Keto recipes, Gluten Free recipes, Vegan recipes etc.

I share my everyday recipes here, you can try these recipes to get started.

At Home Stress Relief Activity #2

Adult Coloring Pages

These are a rage now. Who didn’t love coloring as a child, now people are enjoying their long lost hobby once again. Colors are indeed pleasant, they have all the power to pull you out of the stress you are in at the moment.

You will need some coloring pages and color pens. Coloring pages for adults are easily available online. You can simply download and print the coloring pages and start coloring. Starting with basic designs you can gradually shift to more intricate designs and Im sure you will love it to the bits.

Types of Coloring pages for Adults

  1. Geometric Coloring Pages for Adults : These designs are geometric shapes and patterns. Usually a repeated pattern of geometric shapes are used to create a designs. They are very amazing to color.
  2. Mandala Designs : A mandala is a notch up, it has more of a spiritual aspect to it. Mandala is an abstract design created with shapes and symbols, they are very intricate and are believed to represent the state of the mind of the one creating the design.
  3. Brain Games Coloring pages : Relax and unwind after having a hectic day with the help of the Brain Game Coloring pages.

At Home Stress Relief Activity #3

Fun Stress Relieving Activity : Play With Slime

Adults are usually embarrassed to accept the fact that they still enjoy doing things that they did as kids. Playing with slime is one such thing, who can resist a slime.

Playing with slime helps in calming down your stressed brain. It is a sensory toy and thus helps in relaxing the mind. Slime is a type of sensory play, it engages all your senses and evokes mindfulness and focus. There are many therapists who are now using slime as a part of their stress and anxiety relieving therapy.

You can get yourself slime for adults and Aromatherapy slimes which are scented with essential oil. Playing with adult aromatherapy slime will have a soothing and calming effect.

Try this therapeutic fun slime to relieve stress.

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At Home Stress Relief Activity #4

Fun Stress Relieving Activity : Doodle and De-stress

Even though you feel you are not at all creative, the fact is every human is creative in his own way. While it is easy to grab a glass of wine after a hectic and stressful day at work you can try something more rewarding. Doodling is rewarding in ways more than one. It is a form of creative self care and it can can slow down an anxious mind.

As a beginner you can start doodling with only shapes to create repetitive patterns or you can create spiritual words doodle like this one.

Get Free Coloring pages in Pdf

LCD Writing Tablet

This has been a huge help for making an outlet for stress. I can just carry on doodling with this writing tablet for hours. I have drawn mandala design, geometric patterns, free hand designs and lettering. This LCD writing tablet is a handy slate that you can easily carry in your bag. It comes with a pen which makes doodling more fun and mess free.


View details of this tablet here.

At Home Stress Relief Activity #5

Shop Berserk

The best day to do some shopping for yourself is the day when you are low. Shopping can actually distract your mind from what has been bothering you and will lift your mood. Considering the current scenario of Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping has to bet the best bet.

To much of my surprise I have even resorted to online window shopping to pull myself out of the stress and it has certainly relaxed me. take a break from social media and discover some new websites. Internet is much more than those handful of app that we are addicted to.

At this very moment you may be in a stressful period and its very likely that you feel overpowered by the negative emotions but remember it will pass.

Try to stay calm, and relax yourself using these fun stress relieving activities.

If you feel the negative feelings, stress and anxiety are overwhelming you and its getting difficult to calm down, seek professional consultation. The overall wellbeing is inclusive of your mental health and thus it should never be ignored



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