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Why Do People Become Vegan

Why do people become vegan why veganism

What is Veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle and dietary choice that involves abstaining from the use and consumption of all animal products. Thus we can say that if a person chooses a vegan lifestyle he or she is referred as a “vegan” and he or she will, not only avoid meat but also eschew any food derived from animals, including dairy products, eggs, and even honey. Apart from dietary consumption vegans strictly refrain from using products that involve animal cruelty / exploitation, such as leather, fur, wool, and certain cosmetics or personal care items that are tested on animals.

Why Veganism?

The motivations behind why many people become vegan can vary, with the most common reasons being ethical concerns for animal welfare, environmental considerations, and health-related factors.

Ethical Reasons:

Vegans believe that using animals for food, clothing, and other purposes involves unnecessary harm and exploitation of a living being. They advocate for a more compassionate approach to other living beings and reject the idea of using animals as commodities for personal or commercial use.

Environmental Reasons:

Animal agriculture and its associated industries have significant environmental impacts, including deforestation, gas emissions, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is seen as a way to reduce one’s ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Health Reasons:

Vegan diet is adequate in nutrients as opposed to the common belief that vegan diet may be lacking some vital nutrients. A well balanced vegan diet will include sufficient amount of lentils and legumes for protein, fruit, vegetables and nuts for micro nutrients and whole grain for carbs. A vegan diet is typically low in saturated fats and are considered healthy for all age groups. Some people choose veganism for its potential health benefits.

It’s essential to note that there are various forms of plant-based diets, such as vegetarianism, pescatarianism, and flexitarianism, which differ in the degree to which they include animal products. Veganism, however, is the strictest form, completely excluding all animal-derived items from one’s lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Veganism is a hot trend, many health and fitness freaks are adopting veganism. And on the other hand we have the animal lovers who are leading a silent movement against animal exploitation and animal cruelty. Environment enthusiasts have their own reasons for becoming vegan. What matters the most is your personal choice and preference. You can happily become a vegan and save animals and environment, however, veganism is not the only way to do your bit to make this planet a sustainable one. So the choice is yours, what do you feel ? will you become a vegan?

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