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  • Top 5 Things To Buy During Covid-19 Pandemic

    what to buy during covid

    Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world completely. Normal has changed to new normal and this new normal has altered our shopping priority list as well. Just like how new words like quarantine, self isolation,social distancing, community spread etc. have become a part of our routine vocabulary, some new products have made place for themselves in […]

  • How To Stay Protected From Corona Virus While Going Out

    It has been almost 2 months of lockdown While it is still safe to stay in the house as the Covid19 is still very much here, for some it is a necessity to go out. According to the current graph it is still going to be here for sometime now and we have to learn […]

  • How to Keep Kids Active and Motivated During Lockdown

    Wondering what activities to do with kids in lockdown. While we are busy nagging about how difficult it is for us to stay locked down in the house, there is someone else too who is trying to cope without their routine life. Yes, its the kids. Children, no matter from which part of the world […]

  • Fight Coronavirus: Food Recipes to Boost Your Immunity System

    Coronavirus as a pandemic has already caused countries to lockdown for social distancing and prevention of its further spread. It is important to follow basic hygiene but there’s only so much that hand sanitizers can do. Hence, it’s imperative to boost immunity that helps prevent diseases like novel coronavirus.  Our body has a natural defense […]

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