Activated Charcoal for Food Poisoning | How is Activated Charcoal Helpful in Food poisoning | Is It Safe

activated charcoal for food poisoning

Activated charcoal aka Activated Carbon is a fine black powder which is odorless. It has an ability to absorb toxic substances. It is absorbent in nature and thus has a potential to be an effective therapy, for Eg, using activated charcoal for food poisoning and for stomach bug can be a successful remedy. But there … Read more

Fight Coronavirus: Food Recipes to Boost Your Immunity System

Coronavirus as a pandemic has already caused countries to lockdown for social distancing and prevention of its further spread. It is important to follow basic hygiene but there’s only so much that hand sanitizers can do. Hence, it’s imperative to boost immunity that helps prevent diseases like novel coronavirus.  Our body has a natural defense … Read more

How To Flush Toxins and Cleanse The System

What are Toxins?   Toxin is a poisonous substance that can affect our body negatively and also lead to the malfunction of organs. Toxins are mostly understood as poisonous substances that are contained in the chemicals present in our food, water and environment, they are very hazardous if they come in contact and react with, … Read more

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