Why It Is Veganism So Popular And How It Helps?

why veganism is so popular

Veganism is on the rise. You might have noticed restaurants around the globe are now serving vegan menus for their consumers. Some restaurants only serve a vegan diet. From impossible burgers to synthetic meat, you will see almost every animal-based food being replicated. This has given rise to a completely new industry that is soon … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to the South Beach Diet

what is south beach diet

When it comes to diet, people usually think about starving themselves. This was a common practice in the late ’60s where women used to starve to look thin. Later, in 2000, diet culture became very popular where most women used to rely on fresh fruits and green vegetables and a lot of salads. Barbie culture … Read more

Your Body Smells Fishy : Fish Odor Syndrome TMAU

fishy body odor syndrome causes diet

Fishy Body Odor It is a very rare metabolic disorder which can either be inherited or developed due to enzyme malfunction in your body. Having developed the symptoms of this weird disorder one starts emitting fishy smell from the body. This condition get even worse when the affected persons eats fish. This rate disorder is … Read more

Eating for the Mind, Body, and Soul – Holistic Nutrition Diet Tips

holistic eating tips

Nowadays, people are in a hurry to get everything done. Lunch breaks seem to become shorter and shorter because we have so many errands to run, which is why so many of us rely on fast food. But this habit is detrimental to our health, which is why it’s important to adopt a holistic outlook … Read more

Diet Tips To Manage Constipation | Natural Remedies For Constipation

Basic Tips About Constipation Remedies As digestive problems go, constipation is one of the most common complaints in North America today. Today, more than ever, there is a huge demand for safe and effective constipation remedies. A great deal of constipation can be attributed to the abundance of fast food and processed foods available in supermarkets. … Read more

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