Category: DIY Body Art

  • How To Make Henna Tattoo : Mehendi Design

    DIY  Henna Tattoo or Mehendi Design a Beautiful Body Art Henna also known as Hina and Mehndi is a tropical shrub which is known for its dying or staining property,  is used in natural and herbal hair dyes and also in making body and temporary tattoos. In Asian countries henna is applied in form of […]

  • How to do Shellac Nails at Home Step By Step

    Shellac Nails  is an amazing new trend that overcomes the problem of basic nail paints the biggest problem being the chipping away of the polish, Shellac manicure uses UV light for curing the hands after each coat is applied. Shellac nails wont scrape, wont lose the shine and will stay just as new and fresh for a minimum span of 14 […]

  • How To Do Manicure At Home – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

    How to do Manicure at Home Step by Step Guide Manicure / pedicure is my way of pampering myself and enjoying my me time. You can get the best of salons offering world class manicure treatments once you step out of your home there is a wide range from French Manicure to Gellac, Shellac and […]

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