Indian Spices Name in Hindi and English with Photos

No cuisine is complete without spices. Indian food is a celebration of spices, from curries to Biryani, from Pulao to Daal, spices are the most important ingredient in any recipe. We even use spices in Desserts. Now this lockdown due to covid19 has given a boost to everyone culinary desires. Every one has been trying … Read more

Big Basket User Review | Is It Worth Buying Grocery Online

big basket review

My review today is for Big basket, the online grocery store. I am sharing my hands on experience of buying grocery from the biggest retailer of Grocery online. This Bigbasket website review will be useful for those who are curious to shop groceries online and at the same time are in dilemma. Online shopping is … Read more

Living Room Ideas For Setting Up Fish Tanks

living room fish tank ideas

You may be considering setting up an aquarium in your home but worried you don’t have the space, or are looking at a small fish bowl rather than the exotic tank which you’ve always dreamed of. However, there are many creative ways to introduce fish tanks into your living room. There are hundreds of modern … Read more

Reverse Osmosis For Drinking Water Purification | Understanding RO Purifiers

Are you worried about the quality of the drinking water you get at your home and so you are planning to buy an advanced water purifier for your family? If yes then Im sure you must have come across terms like RO Purifiers and RO UV Purifiers while searching for the best water purifier for your … Read more

Safe Natural Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

The more allergens in the air you are breathing in, the more will be the chances of you getting allergy issues, it is as simple as this. While we buy  the most hyped cleanings products from the market hoping that it will make your home clean,many of us are unaware of the fact that most of … Read more

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