Neem Bark For Acne | How to Use Neem Chhal on Acne Easy Remedy

neem bark acne home remedy

Neem bark is dried bark of Neem tree. It is called neem chhal in Hindi. Neem bark is a miraculous home remedy for acne. It can cure severe acne also. You need only one ingredient to cure Acne with this remedy and that is Dried Neem Bark. In market it is also available in powdered … Read more

Benefits and Uses of Alum | Phitkari for Skin and Acne Removal

benefits and uses of alum powder

Alum or Phitkari, is a naturally occurring transparent substance which is like salt. It is used in cooking, water purification as well as for several other medicinal purposes. Alum is found in different types for Eg. Potassium Alum or Potass. Using Alum for acne and pimple removal is very common home remedy. Other remedies includes … Read more

Skin Care Routine For Acne Prone Skin – Regime For Clear Skin

care routine acne prone skin

The best skin care routine for Acne prone skin has to be a step wise approach including all the significant steps like deep cleansing and exfoliation etc. Acne breakouts can happen during your teen years and even in your adult years. Either way, most people find it irritating and embarrassing. Whether you have persistent acne … Read more

The Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil For Skin and Acne Care

Taking care of your skin now can help it stay healthy and young for years to come. The key to this is finding the right treatment that works for your specific skin profile. To that end, the article below will cover the benefits of Meadowfoam, a new contender on the natural herbal treatment scene. Reading … Read more

Best Way To Get Rid Of Body Acne With Natural Products |Clear Body Acne Naturally

If you’re struggling with acne on your back and chest of full body acne, you may be considering a visit to dermatologist to get a prescription acne cream or cleanser to bash body acne. Before you go this route though, you might want to consider taking a look through your pantry. You probably have a … Read more

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