Your Body Smells Fishy : Fish Odor Syndrome TMAU

fishy body odor syndrome causes diet

Fishy Body Odor It is a very rare metabolic disorder which can either be inherited or developed due to enzyme malfunction in your body. Having developed the symptoms of this weird disorder one starts emitting fishy smell from the body. This condition get even worse when the affected persons eats fish. This rate disorder is … Read more

Activated Charcoal for Food Poisoning | How is Activated Charcoal Helpful in Food poisoning | Is It Safe

activated charcoal for food poisoning

Activated charcoal aka Activated Carbon is a fine black powder which is odorless. It has an ability to absorb toxic substances. It is absorbent in nature and thus has a potential to be an effective therapy, for Eg, using activated charcoal for food poisoning and for stomach bug can be a successful remedy. But there … Read more

7 Natural Remedies For Heartburn and Indigestion That Work Wonders

hearburn indigestion relief

We all love treating ourselves to colorful platters. Burgers, fries, and many more crunchy, delightful foods seem to be made exclusively for your soul. But even the most excellent foods can result in bad gastric pain. In severe cases, strong consideration of the gastritis is important in understanding the underlying cause. Everybody experiences a distressed … Read more

Natural Ways For Vagina Tightening : Alum Powder and Other Options

home remedies vaginal tightening

Vagina Tightening is quite a disputed topic, there is one group that believes that the vagina may lose its elasticity with growing age or after giving vaginal birth and then there is another lot that believes that the vagina is elastic enough to broaden and then shrink back to normal on its own. Many experts … Read more

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