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  • Homemade Aloe Vera Gel Hand Lotion Recipe

    Homemade lotions and creams are inexpensive beauty products that may not be very popular and preferred in the modern hectic lifestyle, but its potentially a very good substitute to the chemicals packed in the store bought lotions, they are harmless and works equally great as any other homemade lotion will do. Aloe vera gel is […]

  • DIY Homemade Hand Cream Without Beeswax

    homemade hand cream without beeswax

     DIY Homemade Hand Cream Without Beeswax for Soft and Smooth Hands If you are searching for a recipe for homemade hand cream your search ends here. Our hands go through a lot throughout the day. They are exposed to various mediums and thus they lose moisture and start chapping. Nothing can do better than an enriching and moisturizing […]

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