Nutritional Deficiencies Effects On Nails – Ridges On Fingernails, Brittle Nails, White Spots

fingernails and nutrient deficiencies

Nails are not just a platform for creative nail arts but they actually are like a window to our inner health. The appearance, texture and color of nails may give several indications about what is going inside one’s body. They reflect the nutritional status of your body. Nails are indicative of our body’s overall state … Read more

How to do Shellac Nails at Home Step By Step

Shellac Nails  is an amazing new trend that overcomes the problem of basic nail paints the biggest problem being the chipping away of the polish, Shellac manicure uses UV light for curing the hands after each coat is applied. Shellac nails wont scrape, wont lose the shine and will stay just as new and fresh for a minimum span of 14 … Read more

How To Get Rid of Ridges in Fingernails Naturally With Home Remedy

Nobody wants ridged fingernail but if you have it do not worry. Here is our nail ridges home remedy list for you. Ridges in fingernails are very common and are mostly a sign of aging and nutritional deficiency. Manicure that includes buffing and ridge filler base coats  can help in minimizing the appearance of ridges … Read more

How To Do Manicure At Home – DIY Step By Step Tutorial

How to do Manicure at Home Step by Step Guide Manicure / pedicure is my way of pampering myself and enjoying my me time. You can get the best of salons offering world class manicure treatments once you step out of your home there is a wide range from French Manicure to Gellac, Shellac and … Read more

How to keep you fingernails Healthy and Strong

how to keep fingernails healthy

FINGERNAILS can reveal a lot of information about a person’s overall health. Nails of a healthy person have a peachy pink nail bed. Fingernails also protect the nerves of the nail bed. If a person is suffering from any health problem or any kind of deficiency the fingernails will reflect it. Maintaining healthy fingernails is … Read more

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