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  • 5 Effective Fun Stress Relieving Activities You can Do At Home

    fun stress relieving activity doodle

    Stress is taking over many minds, especially in these distressful times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have even succumb to the emotional turmoil. If you are reading this post you probably are experiencing stress in your day to day life. The good news here is that you are ready to drag yourself out of this […]

  • Things To Do To De-stresss With Simple Tools Instantly

    ways to destress instantly

    Before you dig in to these simple ways and things to do to de-stress, let me tell you it is absolutely OK if you have moderated stress. In this frenetic modern era avoiding stress is next to impossible. Whether you are working or stay-at-home, stress won’t spare anyone. However you will be amazed to know […]

  • Best Stress Relieving Activities : 5 things To Do When You Are Stressed

    stress relieving activities to destress

    Stress that we are discussing today is the mental or Pshycological stress, it is an emotional tension that is normally a result of adverse circumstances and events in ones life. Mental stress can influence a person’s life in several ways like loss of focus in doing things and it may lead to serious mental illness […]

  • 5 Tips to Sleep Better When You Have a Cold

    hacks to sleep better cold

    Let’s face it, folks: sometimes when you’re feeling sick, a good night’s rest just isn’t forthcoming. What’s up with that, anyway? It should be the exact opposite. Being sick should make you want to stay in bed longer, too groggy to move, sleeping as much as you can to replenish and rejuvenate your world weary […]

  • Five Ways to Deal With Anxiety Naturally

    cure anxiety naturally home remedies

    Approximately 18 percent of adults report living with an anxiety disorder. If you’re part of this group but don’t want to take prescription anti-anxiety drugs (which come with a number of dangerous side effects), consider giving one of these five natural treatments a try. 1. Drink Tea Many studies have shown that caffeine can increase […]

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