What Are Common Symptoms and Signs Of Postnatal Depression

A new mother as she was, joy and excitement were the emotions expected of her. Much to everyones surprise none of these were depicted by her behavior, on the contrary she was a completely changed person who was lost in the blues. This may sound quite relevant to you, yes  Maternity Blues or Postnatal Depression … Read more

4 Ways to Treat Back Pain Without Medication

With the significant increase in tablet, cell phone, and other mobile device use has come the side effect of poor posture, leading to the widespread problem of back pain. While it is great that everyone wants to stay in touch with one another, if the communication is done with a wireless device, then it must … Read more

Home Remedies For Depression : Self Help Tips

home remedies for depression

Who doesn’t know Bollywood’s superstar Rajesh khanna’s fame and glory, he was the heartthrob of millions in his hay days. But very few know about his downfall, the actor is known to have suffered depression for years and it is said that he never actually managed to recover from it.  So what is so great … Read more

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