Top 5 Things To Buy During Covid-19 Pandemic

what to buy during covid

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world completely. Normal has changed to new normal and this new normal has altered our shopping priority list as well. Just like how new words like quarantine, self isolation,social distancing, community spread etc. have become a part of our routine vocabulary, some new products have made place for themselves in … Read more

Big Basket User Review | Is It Worth Buying Grocery Online

big basket review

My review today is for Big basket, the online grocery store. I am sharing my hands on experience of buying grocery from the biggest retailer of Grocery online. This Bigbasket website review will be useful for those who are curious to shop groceries online and at the same time are in dilemma. Online shopping is … Read more

Best Wrist Splints For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In India

best wrist brace carrpal tunnel

Musculo-skeletal injuries mostly require you to stabilize the injured part of the body, this basically ensures that you do not cause any further injury/ or worsen the condition by moving the injured joint. This also applies to wrist injuries / disorders like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. To keep the wrist immobilized / stabilized splints are prescribed … Read more

How To Choose The Best Citrus Juicer | Buying Guide

Juicing is trending, those who were addicted to the packed commercial juices are now shifting to a healthier and fresher version i.e freshly extracted juice. So it is not a surprise if you are planning bring home your juicing partner i.e your very own Juicer.   Lets talk about citrus juicers today, as¬†Citrus juices are … Read more

Aplava Review | What I Feel About Online Beauty And Drugstore

Living in the world of advertisements and brand promotions we usually fall for what looks impressive and is popular,¬† the end result of which is skin and hair related problems. As far as our beauty and personal care products are concerned most of us tend to buy wrongs products. Did you know that the shampoo … Read more

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