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amba haldi on face
Amba Haldi For Face | Anti Acne | Tan Removal Face Packs With Mango Ginger
Amba Haldi is Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, And Anti Oxidant thus it has amazing healing properties. It is used for enhancing
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neem bark acne home remedy
Neem Bark For Acne | Neem Chhal Paste Acne Remedy
Neem bark is dried bark of Neem tree. It is called neem chhal in Hindi. Neem bark is a miraculous
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home remedies for thicker beard naturally fast
Home Remedies to Grow Thicker Beard Naturally At Home
Every man is looking to grow out an excellent beard search for home remedies to have a thick and long
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fun stress relieving activity doodle
5 Effective Fun Stress Relieving Activities You can Do At Home
Stress is taking over many minds, especially in these distressful times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have even succumb to
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mustard powder face mask
Homemade Mustard Face Mask For Flawless Skin
With the enormous growth of cosmetic beauty products in the past two decades, the charm of our traditional heritage “Ubtan”
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benefits and uses of alum powder
Benefits and Uses of Alum | Phitkari for Skin and Acne Removal
Alum or Phitkari, is a naturally occurring transparent substance which is like salt. It is used in cooking, water purification
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fishy body odor syndrome causes diet
Your Body Smells Fishy : Fish Odor Syndrome TMAU
Fishy Body Odor It is a very rare metabolic disorder which can either be inherited or developed due to enzyme
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sugandhi utane ingredients uses
How To Make Sugandhi Utane At Home | Ingredients & Uses
Making Sugandhi Utne At Home – Recipe and Ingredients Sugandhi Utne is a herbal bath powder that is prepared by
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what to buy during covid
Top 5 Things To Buy During Covid-19 Pandemic
Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world completely. Normal has changed to new normal and this new normal has altered our
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Indian Spices Name in Hindi and English with Photos
No cuisine is complete without spices. Indian food is a celebration of spices, from curries to Biryani, from Pulao to
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