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  • How To Make Reetha Shampoo At Home For Clean Shiny Hair

    how to make reetha shampoo

    This homemade shampoo made with Reetha, Amla and Shikakai is very common in India, and almost every family has its own way of using these super ingredients for cleansing and conditioning their hair. This tradition of making natural shampoo with dried soap nuts (reetha), shikakai pods and amla chunks is passed down from  the ancient times and is […]

  • Home Remedies for Greasy Hair

    Oil in our body is produced by Sebaceous glands, they produce fatty, greasy substance called Sebum, which lubricates the skin and hair and it also maintains proper hydration levels. Thus the production of oil in our body is important as it helps keep the skin moist and prevents excessive dryness of hair and skin.But when […]

  • How to Know if I have Greasy Hair

    Is My Hair Greasy  Greasy or oily hair is a very common condition which is generally a result of sebum over production.  It makes your hair look flat and you may find it impossible to style your tresses. Hair Type Test to check Greasiness  To confirm if you have greasy hair you can take this simple tissue […]

  • Homemade Hair Dye Recipe for Grey Hair

    Premature graying of hair has become a very common problem in the contemporary era, people lead  a workaholic and stressful life with busy schedules which makes taking out time for personal care a luxury. The nutrition part in daily diet is almost neglected and all these may lead to grey hair. However there might be other reasons also like deficiency […]

  • Home Treatment of Head Lice with Custard Apple

    Head lice is a common problem in girls and even boys, they are contagious and can easily be spread through head to head contact or by sharing hair accessories like combs, bands and scarves etc.Head Lice are not very dangerous and they do not cause any disease. But they can be annoying and may also […]

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