Ridges in Fingernails

Ridges in fingernails

Offlate while removing my nail polish I noticed these straight lines on my fingernails. I had no idea as to what they are and also got a little worried about my health as I very well know that nails are the best reflector of our body’s overall health and the appearance of fingernails can be the first sign of many health concerns that are beginning to ail our body. Thankfully in my case it was no serious concern.

http://transitory.accountant 9 levitra at walmart What are Fingernail Ridges?

levitra vs cialis Fingernail ridges are parallel lines on the finger nail they may run from bottom of the finger nail to the tip of the fingernail or they may run from one side of the fingernails to the other side.

cialis free trial Fingernail Ridges – Types

Vertical Fingernail Ridges :

ridges in fingernails
Vertical Ridges in Fingernails

These ridges run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.  These ridges ( viagra pills for sale bumped up vertical lines) usually do not indicate any serious health problem. The causes or vertical fingernail ridges can be aging or lack of enough moisture in the nails. Vertical nail ridges are more often in an orderly pattern.
The formation of  these lines on nails can also be a result of slow meatbolism, and deficiency of vital nutrients and minerals that make the building block for nails.

ridges in fingernails
Horizontal Ridges in Fingernails

Horizontal Ridges on Fingernail 

cardiopatici e cialis These ridges extend from one end of the nail to the other end horizontally. This type of ridges usually look ugly and they can be taken as an alarm for some serious health condition developing inside the body. They can be caused due to many underlying health problems like  If you notice horizontal ridges on your fingernails than you should immediately consult your doctor. Beau’s line or beauty line is one special type of horizontal ridges that indicate serious medical problems.

What Causes Ridges in Fingernails 

An anemic condition may cause this lengthwise  levitra ridging of  http://wheretogetviagra.win viagra alternative t http://wheretobuycialis.science cilais he nailsyou may want to increase your natural iron intake with such food as brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses, wheatgerm, liver, egg yolks and whole grain cereals.
Vitamin A deficiency can also cause nails ttissue off so plan to increase your intake of this vital nutrient also. Use emery board instead of nail file to remove rough nail edges as an emery board is less damaging to fragile nails.

  1. Aging is the most common cause of ridges in fingernails : As our age progresses our body system deteriorate and so does our nails, this is the most common cause of vertical ridges on fingernails.
  2. Malnutrition : Malnutrition means inadequate and improper diet (lacking in nutritional value). When our body suffer severe malnutrition it becomes weak and vulnerable to disease. The appearance of  ridges in our fingernail can be an indication of malnutrition.
  3. Nail Trauma can also cause fingernail ridges : Lines on fingernails may occur when the nail has undergone a physical damage.
  4. Serious underlying disease : Horizontal ridges may appear on the nail if some critical medical condition  is dwelling inside the body.
  5. Deficiency of protein and mineral as they are the building blocks of finger nails. 

does metformin increase shbg http://hoping.loan viagra australia Ridges in fingernails can be avoided with following home remedies

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Nutrition for nails that helps to keep the fingernails healthy and canada drug get rid of fingernail ridges.

Vitamin B
Vitamin A
Mineral – Iron. zinc, silica

Home Remedies for Ridges in Fingernails

Home Remedies for Vertical Ridges in Fingernails 

  • Keep your fingernails moisturized : Use beauty oils or nail moisturizers to prevent dryness in the fingernails.
  • Intake of food rich in omega-3 fatty acid is also helpful in dealing with what does a fake viagra pill look like ridges in fingernails.
  • Find out if you have deficiency of Vitamins or you suffer malnutrition. If yes than incorporate vitamin rich food in daily diet and also try to take balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Massage your nails with jojoba oil once in a day preferably before going to sleep.
  • drink plenty of water so that your body does not suffer dehydration
  • Massing your nails with nail lotion that contains vitamin e oils is also a good remedy for viagra rezeptpflichtig niederlande ridges in fingernails.
  • For instant fix you can use nail ridge fillers. These nail fillers will hide the imperfections of the nails and leave them smooth and flawless.

can viagra increase heart rate Home Remedies for Horizontal Ridges in Fingernails 

If you notice horizontal ridges in fingernails then you should not look for any other remedy but straight way head for an expert medical consultation. It is always good to have an expert opinion so that the problem can be triggered effectively however it is not necessarily always a serious concern or disease behind the horizontal ridges.

natural viagra whole foods Horizontal nail ridges are also referred as Beau’s lines. Horizontally ridged nails usually have corrugated appearance. The beau’s line on one nail can be due to any injury caused to the nail matrix. If all the fingers have developed deep ridges then the causes can be any health issue,  nutritional deficiency, chemotherapy agents, metabolic disorders etc.

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